MUSIC NOTES: Eminem: Unwanted

Eminem might be king of the hip-hop world, but he is not wanted at the University of Illinois. A group of students at the titular university is calling to ban the infamous rapper from performing in a concert Thursday, citing that his scathing lyrics is in violation of the school’s policy against discrimation.

“I believe this concert is an explicit form of harassment,” University of Illinois student Nick Sakurai said in a news conference Monday. “This is the university profiting from hate masqueraded as entertainment.”

The university responded to the protest by saying that they are under contractural obligation to put on the concert.

ROBBIE WILLIAMS, SAVIOR: British singer Robbie Williams just gives and gives and gives. The poppy pop star had apparently signed up as a bone-marrow donor immediately after hearing about the suffering of a 23-year-old fan diagnosed with leukemia. But that’s not all. The flamboyant Williams went a step further by donating his shirt, which he stripped off for the occasion, to the young fan for a bone marrow auction.

But such gracious behaviors were nowhere to be found at the Q music awards in London. You see, according to a Reuters report, Williams stormed off the awards ceremony after British rock band Oasis’ frontman Liam Gallagher reportedly called him a homosexual during his acceptance speech.

CONVICTION: The half-brother of Sandra Rosas, wife of Los Lobo singer Cesar Rosas, was convicted Tuesday for kidnapping and killing her, Reuters reports. Rosas disappeared from her Los Angeles residence in October last year while her husband was away on tour.

WHO LOVES L.A.? The Grammy Awards, for sure. The music awards ceremony will be held in Los Angeles again for the third year in a row, officials said Tuesday.

“The Grammys have become an integral part of the cultural fabric of Los Angeles,” said Michael Greene, president and CEO of the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences.