Naomi Watts came face to face with poisonous creatures in Thailand

The Australian actress plays a real-life survivor of the 2004 Asian tsunami and chose to live in a rebuilt apartment destroyed by the disaster with her partner Liev Schreiber and their children during the shoot.

It wasn’t the fear of another tsunami that terrified the actress, but the thought of all the poisonous animals that could attack her kids.

She explains, “We were staying in this little kind of villa and before you would go in, you would take off your shoes and lay them in a basket.

“I came out (one day) and there was a snake coiled up in my ballet slipper and I saw it and it had those bright colours that you know that are bad, poisonous… and I saw one of the housekeepers close by… and she came up and looked at it and screamed, ‘Go inside, lock the door…’

“Frogs are also poisonous over there… and there was one in Liev’s shoe and he was going out running and you can’t really see in a sneaker can you…? You just put it on… For probably the most masculine man… I’ve never heard such a girly sound.”