Naomi Watts’ son reluctant to give lemonade stand cash to charity

Actress Naomi Watts struggled to convince her son to donate the proceeds of his first lemonade stand to charity because he’s become obsessed with making his own money.
The Impossible star’s 11-year-old boy, Sasha, has started thinking up ways to raise his own funds, so his mother decided to give him a little help to turn his first venture into a success.
“My eldest one is just so into making money now, and so he said, ‘What can I do…?’ and I was like, ‘Well, you start with a lemonade stand, that seems like where everyone starts,'” Naomi shared.
“So we did it, we baked some cookies, and he was into it. He was just upset though because so many of his friends came (to help out) and then he had to split the cash…”
Naomi tried to encourage Sasha to give at least a portion of the profits to a good cause, but he baulked at the idea.
“I really tried my best to encourage (giving the proceeds to charity), and said, ‘You need to find, even if it’s just a percentage, you just have to put on the thing (collection jar) that this is (for charity),'” she recalled on U.S. morning show Live with Kelly and Ryan.
“He’s like, ‘Can we put it and not actually do it?’ I’m like, ‘No!’ He said, ‘But I have to split it with so many people…!’ It was all kinds of ideas (sic), but I was like, ‘OK, do it this one time, but next time we are donating 100 per cent!'”
Naomi shares Sasha and his 10-year-old brother Samuel with her ex-boyfriend Liev Schreiber, from whom she split in 2016 after 11 years together.