Napster ordered to shut down

Napster may have swapped its last song.

Until Napster can prove that it is not violating music copyrights, Federal Judge Marilyn Patel Hall has ordered the peer-to-peer, song-swapping service not to resume services, Reuters reports. Technical considerations with its newly implemented song-filtering program have forced Napster offline since July 2.

Now Napster may never be online again.

Recording Industry Association of America president Hilary Rosen isn’t unhappy at that possible outcome.

“Judge Patel’s decision today that Napster should not resume operations until it can show that it can comply … was inevitable given its failure to comply with the court’s order for so long,” she said in a released statement.

The judge’s decision remains in effect until Napster can prove the filters are 100 percent effective.

No immediate comment was forthcoming from Napster.