Napster users remain in service, although numbers decrease

Analyzing a report compiled by technology research firm Webnoize, Napster chief executive officer Hank Barry says that there a number of consumers who “remain loyal” to the song-swap service’s file sharing, Reuters reports. Webnoize reported this week that the number of songs swapped on Napster fell by more than one-third, down 36 percent in April from March due to court orders to continue blocking pirated files. “Even though over 80 percent of Napster users’ files are being blocked at the request of copyright holders, close to eight million people are using Napster everyday,” Barry said. Record industry representatives are still not overly impressed with the latest findings. “I don’t view it with significant change,” said Matt Oppenheim, senior vice president for business and legal affairs for the Recording Industry Association of America. “If those numbers are still a substantial amount of downloads, it shows there is still a substantial amount of piracy occurring on Napster.”