Natalie Dormer inks deal to create Vivien Leigh drama


Natalie Dormer has agreed a deal with U.K. production company Fremantle Media to develop new projects, including a TV drama about Vivien Leigh.

The Game of Thrones actress, 36, co-wrote her first movie In Darkness earlier this year (18) and is now planning to explore the Gone with the Wind star’s extraordinary life on the small screen.

In a press release Natalie said she was “thrilled” to be partnering with Fremantle on the project, titled Vivling, which will be the first of several scripted pieces she works with them on.

Fremantle executive Christian Vesper praised the star as a “true talent both as an actress and producer” and added that his firm would announce more projects from Natalie soon.

Vivling will follow the highs and lows of Vivien’s extraordinary career – which reached its height when she was cast as Scarlett O’Hara in the 1939 U.S. Civil War drama Gone with the Wind. She won a Best Actress Oscar for the role in 1940 – a feat she repeated 12 years later when her portrayal of another southern belle, Blanche DuBois, in A Streetcar Named Desire earned her a second Academy Award.

Her career was derailed by her struggle with bipolar disorder – a condition that cost her roles and wrecked her 20 year marriage to British actor Laurence Olivier. She was found dead in 1967 at the age of just 53 after collapsing at her London flat.

Fremantle bosses said the new series would, “give audiences a glimpse into the complex mind of the creative genius.”

Natalie left Game of Thrones in 2016 following the death of her character Margaery Tyrell, but has had no problem keeping busy. As well as starring in In Darkness, she will next be seen alongside Mel Gibson and Sean Penn in The Professor and the Madman – a new drama about the creation of the Oxford English Dictionary.