Naughty Boy listened to Elton John perform from his car

Hit British producer Naughty Boy listened to Sir Elton John’s concerts from his car outside a venue because tickets were too expensive. The songwriter, real name Shahid Khan, who is currently working with Britney Spears and Mariah Carey, would drive to his local soccer stadium, Watford Football Club in England, where the superstar occasionally performs.
He would then sit outside in the car park listening to the show for free.
The 28 year old tells British newspaper The Sun, “No one in Watford knew of anyone famous other than Elton John, because he came out of Watford. As he was chairman of the football club, sometimes he’d come to the stadium to do a show. I’d park my car outside the stadium as it was too expensive to go in. I’d sit and listen to it for free.”
Khan was shocked years later when Sir Elton penned a note to Emeli Sande praising the pair for a collaboration: “He wrote a letter to Emeli and me telling us that Clown, a song I wrote, was a classic and that it’ll stand the test of time. It’s surreal.”