NBC signs “Just Shoot Me” for two more years

You know a show is successful when it falls under NBC’s “Must See TV” primetime lineup, but there’s nothing like a $2 million per episode price tag to really drive the point home.

Such is the case with the hit comedy Just Shoot Me, which NBC has just renewed for two more years. Though officially no details of the renewal deal have been released, Reuters reports that a source familiar with the situation says that NBC will pay the show’s producers and Universal Studios just shy of $2 million per episode. That sum is slightly higher than NBC is paying under its current licensing deal, which expires in May, the source said.

Now in its fifth season, Just Shoot Me features comedian David Spade and is currently the seventh-highest rated comedy in primetime. It ranks No. 20 in household ratings among all network shows.

At $2 million per episode, Just Shoot Me will be one of the pricier network sitcoms, but it won’t compare to NBC mega-hits like Frasier and Friends, for which the network reportedly pays between $5 million and $6 million per segment. Dramas like ER are even pricier at around $10 million per episode.