Neeson’s Hangover role due to pal Cooper

The Irish actor stepped into Mel Gibson’s shoes and took over his high-profile cameo in the movie after the troubled Lethal Weapon star’s casting sparked controversy.

Neeson admits he was offered the part of a tattoo artist because of his friendship with the film’s star Cooper – and he relished shooting his scene.

He tells Access Hollywood, “Bradley’s a pal. I was sitting at home one night and I got a text from him, ‘Do you want to be in The Hangover 2?’ And, I’d had a couple of glasses of wine, kids were in bed, I texted back, ‘Yeah, when?’

“I came to L.A. for a day and did it. I did a scene, which is supposed to be in a tattoo parlour in Thailand. I’m the tattoo artist, covered in tattoos, ‘Ireland forever’… Shamrocks and all that s**t.”