Neil Patrick Harris & David Furnish shared secret baby news with one another

Actor Neil Patrick Harris was one of the first of Sir Elton John and David Furnish’s celebrity pals to learn they were set to become parents in 2010 after sharing his own baby secret with the producer. The Smurfs star had been keeping quiet that he and his partner David Burkta were going to become dads to twins via a surrogate mother in October 2010, but when he bumped into Furnish unexpectedly, he decided to open up about their plans to start a family.
Ironically, the Rocket Man and his longterm partner had also entered the same process to welcome a child of their own in December, 2010, so Harris and Furnish struck up a close bond over their shared secrets.
The actor tells U.S. talk show host Conan O’Brien, “We hadn’t told anyone we were having kids and I ran into David Furnish on a trip and we just confided in one another. (I said), ‘I’m surprised to tell you we’re having kids through surrogacy in a couple of months.’ And he kind of blanched and looked around to make sure really no one was paying attention, and he said, ‘We’re having a kid through surrogacy, like on Christmas Eve.’ So we kinda bonded over that.”
Harris and Burkta are now parents to twins Gideon and Harper, while Elton and Furnish welcomed little Elijah, a younger brother for two-year-old Zachary, in January (13).