Neill Goes Environmental

Reclusive “Jurassic Park” actor Sam Neill might be shy, but he certainly ain’t shy about sticking up for his land.

According to Reuters, the New Zealander has publicly declared war on the Queenstown, New Zealand, mayor Warren Cooper over development issues in the town. The actor charges that the rapid urbanization, as sanctioned by the mayor, would destroy the picturesque landscape and has taken his woes to the local press.

“The objective of the council and its planners should be to keep Queenstown as one of the world’s most beautiful alpine resorts,” Neill said in a letter published in the Christchurch Press on Friday. “This makes not only good ecological sense, but good commercial sense as well.

“Dodgy, ugly buildings in Queenstown, suburban tracts in rural areas, a haphazard scattering of houses over the countryside — these things are not intelligent,” Neill added.

In response, Cooper poo-pooed the allegations and retort by saying that Neill is only concerned about having things his way.


REUNITED AND IT FEELS SO GOOD: If there’s one thing we know about Tonya Harding, it’s that she’s no quitter. The erstwhile ice skater, who first gained public recognition for her role in the 1994 knee-clubbing attack on rival skater Nancy Kerrigan, has found love and forgiveness in her ex-lover Darren Silver, a man who she once physically attacked.

The couple’s first romance came to a head back in May, when a drunken Harding was caught pounding Silver outside her home. She had pleaded guilty to the assault and was ordered to serve three days in jail and perform community service.

Since then, Harding has undergone anger management, stopped hitting the bottle and, like we said earlier, found true love. Again.

“Darren and I have worked out all of our problems,” Harding told TV show “Inside Edition.”