Nev Schulman wants Ariana Grande as Catfish co-host

TV personality Nev Schulman wants Ariana Grande as his next Catfish co-host, after the singer revealed she was interested in taking on the role.
The 34-year-old was told by his followers on Twitter that the Sweetener hitmaker had been watching an episode of Catfish recently, and shared clips on her Instagram Stories.
Nev told TMZ that he later contacted Ariana and thanked her for watching the show, which then led to the pair discussing the singer making an appearance on the MTV reality show.
“She talked about how she’d love to come on the show, so fingers crossed, when we start making more episodes, maybe….” he shared. “I’d love to have you on the show Ariana!”
And it seems like his plea worked, as the pop star later shared a picture of herself posing with Nev and his wife Laura Perlongo on her Instagram Stories.
The Catfish creator’s former co-host, Max Joseph, left the show to pursue a career in filmmaking in 2018.