Neve Campbell Supports Epilepsy Rights

Neve Campbell is backing an epilepsy “Bill of Rights” to draw
attention to the disease and inform people how to cope with it.

People with epilepsy and members of the health care community created the
program to tell people with epilepsy what they can demand in the workplace and
at school and to provide information about the disease and its treatment, says

She explains, “There is great misunderstanding about epilepsy, I think, not
only by people who don’t know what it is but by people with it who don’t
believe they can lead a normal life or that they have options.”

The actress’ cousin, Hollywood make-up artist Coleen Campbell-Olwell, has the
disease, which she controls with medication.

Canadian-born Campbell, who is the celebrity face of the Epilepsy Foundation
Of New York, adds, “My cousin Coleen and her mother, my aunt, have epilepsy and
have been living with epilepsy throughout their lives, so it’s something that’s
very close to my family. It is treatable… They’re now experimenting with
certain surgeries and stuff to try and help with it.

“Coleen and I are both promoting this thing called the Bill of Rights for
people living with epilepsy… It’s a document that helps to educate people
about epilepsy and what their rights are in the workplace and in school and in
their lives.”

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