News, Aug. 28: Bob Hope Eulogized at Memorial Mass, CIA Recruits Garner...

News, Aug. 28: Bob Hope Eulogized at Memorial Mass, CIA Recruits Garner for Video, More Jail Time for Bobby Brown, More…

Oscar Statuette Exhibition: Bob Hope
Bob Hope with his Honorary Oscar

Top Story: Bob Hope Eulogized at Memorial Mass

Politicians and celebrities gathered at St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church in North Hollywood near Bob Hope‘s Toluca Lake home yesterday to thank the late comic for his humor and decades of service to U.S. military personnel abroad. Hope died July 27 at age 100. Roman Catholic Cardinal Roger M. Mahoney presided over the Mass, which was attended by Hope‘s widow, Dolores; former President Ford and his wife, Betty; former first lady Nancy Reagan, Mickey Rooney, Hal Holbrook, Raquel Welch, Marie Osmond, Phyllis Diller, Ed McMahon, Norm Crosby, retired Gen. William Westmoreland, former California Gov. Pete Wilson, and businessman Lee Iacocca, The Associated Press reports. The service began with an honor guard upholding the flags of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard, representing the service men and women Hope entertained during his USO tours. The service ended with a Marine bugler playing “Taps” and a choir softly humming “Thanks for the Memory,” Hope‘s theme song.

CIA Recruits Alias Star for Promotional Video

Alias star Jennifer Garner said she has been asked to contribute to an official CIA video promoting the government agency to be shown to university graduate students and prospective agents. “We feel that Miss Garner, both in character as agent Sydney Bristow and as herself, embodies the intelligence, enthusiasm and dedication that we’re looking for,” Chase Brandon, a film industry liaison for the CIA, told Reuters. “Her participation would add a human touch to the message we’re trying to convey.”

More Jail Time For Bobby Brown

Singer Bobby Brown, who was arrested at a suburban Atlanta restaurant while Friday while dining with wife Whitney Houston, was ordered to serve nine additional days in jail on for violating his probation from a drunken driving conviction, Reuters reports. DeKalb County Court Judge Wayne Purdom ordered Brown to serve 14 days of jail time, with credit for five days already served, and warned the singer of harsher consequences if he failed to fulfill terms of the probation. Brown, wearing the familiar orange jail uniform, apologized to the judge.

Radio Station Reprimanded for Mocking Holocaust

A Vancouver radio station was reprimanded Wednesday for running an episode of the syndicated advice show Loveline that mocked the Holocaust. It featured a call from a telephone sex operator who wanted advice on how to make her clients stay on the phone longer. Host Adam Carolla suggested she use words like “Holocaust,” “Vietnam” and “cancer” to dampen her clients’ zeal. The Canadian Broadcast Standards Council said that while it understood the “intended humor” in the piece, Corolla exceeded any reasonable level of propriety when he responded with, “Yeah, yeah, burn those Jews. Gas ’em in the shower, baby. Yeah, yeah … send ’em on the train to Krakow.”

John Singleton Gets Walk of Fame Star

Director John Singleton, whose credits include Poetic Justice, Shaft and 2 Fast 2 Furious, received a star Tuesday on the Hollywood Walk of Fame to celebrate the 12th anniversary of the gangland drama Boyz N the Hood. Singleton penned the script for the film, which helped launch the acting careers of Cuba Gooding Jr., Ice Cube and Morris Chestnut, when he was a film student at the University of Southern California. “I am tripping out,” Singleton said. “In 1977, when I was 9 years old, I had a date with my dad to go the Chinese Theatre to see Star Wars. This is where I learned to appreciate cinema. I want to thank my dad for that.”

Sony Pushes Back Big Fish Release

Director Tim Burton ‘s new film Big Fish, which had originally been set for wide release Nov. 26 to take advantage of the Thanksgiving holiday, is being held back by two months to give the marketing campaign more time, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Sony Pictures will platform release the film in New York, Los Angeles and Toronto beginning Dec. 18 to an eventual wide release in 2,500 theaters Jan. 23. Big Fish, about a man coming to terms with his dying father, stars Ewan McGregor, Albert Finney, Billy Crudup and Jessica Lange.

Malibu Film Fest Unspools With Lou

The fourth annual Malibu Film Festival, which honors undiscovered, cutting-edge films, will open Sept. 26 with actor Brett Carr’s directorial debut Lou, about a boxer with a speech impediment who can only speak without a stutter when he’s fighting or impersonating the fictional Rocky Balboa. According to Variety, this year’s festival will present 33 shorts, 10 documentaries and seven features, which were selected from an unprecedented pool of 3,000 international submissions. The festival closes Oct. 2.

Role Call: Sydney Pollack May Go Skate

Oscar-winning director Sydney Pollack is in talks to helm Fox 2000’s Shockproof Sydney Skate, based on the 1973 novel by Marijane Meaker. According to Variety, Shockproof is one of the longest gestating projects in Hollywood: It has been in development at Fox for several years, and its producer, Teri Schwartz, has held options to the book dating back to 1977. The film is a coming-of-age story about a young man who just before college falls in love with the same gorgeous model as his lesbian mother. Pollack picked up two Oscars for Out of Africa in 1985, one as pr