News, Dec. 10: Did Paltrow, Martin Tie the Knot? Schwarzenegger Calls Off Groping Probe, Whitney Houston Claims Domestic Abuse

Top Story: Paltrow, Martin Secretly Wed?

According to a New York Daily News report, Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin have quietly exchanged vows at a Santa Barbara, Calif., hotel. The paper reports that after the 10-minute ceremony, which was devoid even of friends and family members, the newlyweds hopped on a plane to the Las Ventanas resort in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, for a two-week honeymoon. Sources said the couple may bring close friends and family down to Mexico to share in the celebration. When asked about the rumors of the PaltrowMartin nuptials, a spokeswoman for Paltrow said only, “We can neither confirm nor deny the story.”

Whitney Houston Claims Domestic Abuse

Alpharetta, Ga., police considered filing charges on Tuesday against Bobby Brown, husband of Whitney Houston, relating to domestic abuse allegations Houston made Sunday, according to the Associated Press. When officers arrived at the couple’s suburban home, they found Houston with a cut upper lip and a bruised cheek, said Fulton County Police spokesman Kurtis Young. Houston alleged that Brown struck her during an argument. By the time police made it to the residence, Brown had already left to catch a flight to California. As of yet, no arrests have been made. In recent years, Brown has served brief jail sentences of seven and 26 days respectively for probation violations, one of which stemmed from a 1996 drunken driving conviction.

Ozzy Expected To Recover from ATV Accident

Following an accident riding an all-terrain vehicle at his Buckinghamshire, England, estate in which he sustained several serious injuries, 55-year-old rocker Ozzy Osbourne is reportedly faring well and is expected to make a steady recovery, AP reports. On Wednesday, doctors at Wexham Park Hospital hope to take Ozzy off his ventilator, allowing him to breathe on his own. Once Osbourne is awake and off the ventilator, doctors will be able to get a much better idea of how the rocker is feeling. According to Wexham medical director Dr. Dick Jack, “[Ozzy’s] doing very well. He’s comfortable and the vital signs are perfectly normal.” On Tuesday, Ozzy‘s wife Sharon and daughter Kelly arrived from Los Angeles to be by the rock star’s side during his recovery. In the accident, Ozzy sustained a fractured left collarbone, eight broken ribs, and a broken neck vertebra. On Monday, he underwent emergency surgery to restore blood flow through a major artery.

Gov. Schwarzenegger Will Not Investigate Allegations

On Tuesday, California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said that he would not order his own investigation into the allegations that he sexually harassed women on various movie sets over the years, according to Reuters. In an interview on CNN Tuesday, the Hollywood icon-turned-politician said, “I’ve been here for 35 years in this country and I have never had any complaints filed against me nor any complaints made to me…It was rather odd, I would say, that just a few days before the election that all of a sudden there was 16 (women) that had, you know, complaints.” Before the Oct. 7 gubernatorial election, Schwarzenegger said that he would allow a probe to look into the allegations, but then called the issue “old news” after the election. He changed his mind again in November when State Attorney General Bill Lockyer urged him to acknowledge the allegations. At that time, Schwarzenegger pledged to hire investigators to look into the issue. The action star/politician is known for going back and forth on important decisions; close advisors say that he didn’t decide to run for governor until the last minute, and Hollywood insiders have said that the actor often takes plenty of time to decide on acting roles.

California First Lady Shriver Returns to NBC

In more Sacramento celebrity news, Reuters reports that on Tuesday, First Lady of California Maria Shriver announced she had returned to her job in the NBC newsroom two weeks ago after taking an extended unpaid leave to be with her husband, Arnold Schwarzenegger, during his successful run for governor. “I felt relieved, I felt centered, I felt at home when I went back into the newsroom,” Shriver said. “I love my job, I love journalism and it’s my job and I wanted to go back there. I have more stories that I wanted to tell.” Amidst criticisms stating that Shriver should focus solely on her duties as First Lady, former First Lady of California and the United States Nancy Reagan offered advice to the journalist. “Nancy Reagan gave me some great advice. Shriver said, ‘No matter what you do you’ll get criticized so do exactly what you want to do.”‘

L.A. Film Critics Association Reinstates Awards

Following the lift of the Motion Picture Association of American’s ban on screeners, the Los Angeles Film Critics Association has decided to reinstate their film awards, according to Reuters. The group, which consists of about 50 L.A.-area critics, awards its picks of top actors, actresses, and films in mid-December. With the MPAA’s screener ban this year, the L.A. group sided with many independent film studios, calling the ban unfair to smaller studios and canceling its awards. Now, with the screener ban lifted, L.A. Film Critics Association president Jean Oppenheimer said that a date on which the awards will be announced has not yet been set, but that some screeners have already begun to show up in critics’ offices.

CBS Continues To Dominate the Top 10

On the strength of hits like Survivor: Pearl Islands and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, CBS went on to take seven of the top 10 spots for last week’s top shows. Though it enjoyed a surprisingly strong debut, Fox’s The Simple Life failed to break into the list of top shows, coming in at No. 19. For the week of Dec. 1-7, the top shows were Survivor: Pearl islands, CBS, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, CBS, ER, NBC, 60 Minutes, CBS, CBS Sunday Movie: Undercover Christmas, CBS, Everybody Loves Raymond, CBS, Law & Order, NBC, NFL Monday Night Football: Tennessee at N.Y. Jets, ABC, CSI: Miami, CBS, and Cold Case, CBS.

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