News, Dec. 27: Diaz Fights Back, Aude Released from Pakistani Jail, Kidman Takes Kids to Lakers Game Sans Bing, More…

Diaz fights back

Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake are countersuing the two photographers who claim they were attacked by the couple after trying to snap them together on a Hollywood night out. The paparazzi duo have alleged in court papers they were beaten when they tried to take photos of the celebrity couple last month, adding Diaz stole one of their cameras. But now the actress is fighting back, claiming the two snappers jumped out on her and her boyfriend and tried to provoke a fight in order to take better pictures. In the suit, Diaz insists she only took a camera “for purposes of later trying to identify the men.”

Actor Aude released from Pakistani jail

Van Wilder actor Erik Aude is celebrating Christmas like never before after being released from a Pakistani jail. The California actor was released by Pakistani authorities on Christmas Day after serving almost three years of a seven-year drug trafficking sentence in Islamabad. Aude, a part-time fitness instructor, was arrested and imprisoned in February 2002 after leather jackets he was picking up for a colleague in America turned out to contain drug packages. Aude’s conviction was overturned just before his release last week after the man who employed the actor to illegally pick up his drugs was arrested at Los Angeles’ LAX airport. Aude’s mother Sherry, who has been fighting her son’s conviction from her home in Lancaster, California, says, “It’s like a gift to all of us.” The actor was expected to be back home yesterday.

Kidman treats children to match without Bing

Nicole Kidman treated her two children to a LA Lakers basketball game on Christmas Day without her billionaire boyfriend Steve Bing. The Oscar-winning beauty, 37, took daughter Isabella, 11 and 9-year-old son Conor to watch their beloved team lose to Miami Heat in the high-profile match at Los Angeles’ Staple Center. Other Hollywood stars enjoying the sport included Kidman‘s Cold Mountain co-star Renee Zellweger, Sylvester Stallone and Courteney Cox Arquette.

Lohan in huge demand over New Year’s Eve

Lindsay Lohan is so in demand over New Year’s Eve–she has commitments at different end of the United States within hours of each other. The ubiquitous Mean Girls actress, 18, who was recently hospitalized for exhaustion, has agreed to host a party at South Beach’s Opium Garden in California with Jessica Alba–as well as perform on MTV’s Total Request Live late on 31 December in New York city. It is then believed Lohan will fly to Miami, Fla., in a private jet. A source says, “She will have to get through all the New Year traffic to Teterboro (Airport), fly to Miami and then drive from the airport.” I don’t know what she is thinking. No way she’ll make it to that club before 4am.”

Barton’s plans for 2005

The OC star Mischa Barton has big plans for 2005–she hopes to learn how to drive and buy her first home. The pretty actress admits she’s on the hunt for a “fixer upper” home in Los Angeles, so that renovating it can become her hobby when she’s not working. She says, “Every place my family and I have ever lived in is a fixer-upper and there’s something rewarding about buying a place like that. “In New York, we bought a loft space that was in a factory and converted it into a real loft. In London, we pretty much built the whole house.” And she plans to get her driving licence so that her mother doesn’t have to taxi her around all the time. She adds, “I know she’s getting tired of it… It’s something I know I have to do, but when I see how the paparazzi follow cars I’m in, I’m so glad I’m not driving because I know I’d get flustered.”

Everett lashes out at outspoken John

British actor Rupert Everett has lashed out Elton John‘s new ‘addiction’ for insulting celebrities this year, which have included his close pal Madonna. The My Best Friend’s Wedding star believes the outspoken singer compensates his previous propensity to over-indulge in drugs and food – with a new set of habits which include gossiping about fellow singers. Everett says, “I think Elton has lost it completely. He loves to tell you how he overcame addictions–drugs, bulimia… He did not overcome addictions. He went from one to another… All these
shopping sprees, and not controlling his mouth.”

Movie trip turns into African aid mission

Former Friends star Giovanni Ribisi was dealt a savage dose of reality on the set of new movie The Flight Of The Phoenix in Namibia when a field trip on a day off turned into an aid mission. The actor, who played Phoebe’s brother Frank on the hit sitcom, was shocked when he and cast mates visited one African village riddled with malaria. He says, “We visited this indigenous tribe called the Himbas. There were basically four women there and one of them had malaria and she was trying to take care of a two-week-old baby. “We went out and found medicine for her. This was the real deal… Africa is so raw.”

Model to sue Bardem over broken nose

Spanish actor Javier Bardem is set for a courtroom battle after his wild dance moves resulted in former model Jill Marshall nursing her broken nose. The 35-year-old heartthrob was dancing with Marshall at the New York premiere party for his latest film The Sea Inside earlier this month when disaster struck on the dance floor. reports Marshall has hired attorney Sanford Rubenstein to handle her case. Marshall fumes, “It felt like a baseball bat hitting me in the face,” before admitting she is having reconstructive surgery to correct her broken nose. An onlooker at the party in Manhattan hotspot Gypsy Tea says, “He was crazy-dancing. He was totally out of control–it was like he thought he was Justin Timberlake onstage. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Hoffman: ‘premature ejaculation makes me a better lover’

Dustin Hoffman‘s sex life is getting better with age–because he’s a longtime premature ejaculator. The bawdy movie star confessed he suffered from the embarrassing problem during a recent appearance on Jay Leno’s The Tonight Show America, but he insists middle age is helping him deal with his bedroom mishaps. He explains, “We are all premature ejaculators. It’s the way we’re built. I mean we can’t help it. It’s the DNA. “A person of my age becomes a wonderful lover once they reach my age because once a premature ejaculator, always a premature ejaculator–but when you reach my age, it takes about an hour and 20 minutes.”

Ledger shocks TV host with talk of grabbing ‘weenies’

Heath Ledger shocked American audiences by talking about grabbing “weenies” with his male buddies whilst wearing “thongs”. The Australian actor, 25, stunned host Regis Philbin with his antipodean colloquialisms for having a hot dog while sporting flip-flops as he detailed the way he bonds with his male pals over Christmas. Ledger says, “I was promoting my film on The Regis and Kelly Show. “Regis asked me what I did Down Under for Christmas fun, so I told him that me and my mates liked to put on our thongs and grab weenies and look at the world go by, and that was our perfect way to male-bond. The whole audience just went silent, and Regis was all frantic gesturing for a commercial break. At the break, I explained that in Australia, Christmas is our summer and thongs are flip-flops, not G-strings, and I meant putting hot dogs (weenies) on the barbie (barbeque).”

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