News, July 7: Director To Finish Brando Film, Olsen Twins’ Milk Ad...

News, July 7: Director To Finish Brando Film, Olsen Twins’ Milk Ad Pulled, Judge Dismisses Suit Against Schwarzenegger, More…

Marlon Brando in The Godfather

Director to go forward with Brando’s last film

Screen legend Marlon Brando, who died Thursday at a Los Angeles hospital at the age of 80, was finalizing the script for a new film entitled Brando and Brando, which was slated to start shooting this month. “I’m so sad and nearly paralyzed,” director Ridha Behi told The Associated Press in a telephone interview from London Friday. “But I will nevertheless make the movie to pay homage to him. I’ll go on with the film.” In Brando and Brando, a young Tunisian with a fascination for his idol Marlon Brando journeys to the United States in pursuit of the American dream. According to Behi, Brando would have portrayed himself. He said he was in Los Angeles three weeks ago working on the script with Brando, who was enthusiastic about the project despite his ailing health. But Behi said he doesn’t feel he really got to know the reclusive actor well. “He remains someone very mysterious,” he said. “I think that it’s very difficult to gain Brando‘s friendship, and I don’t have the pretension to think I had it.”

Olsen twins’ “Got milk?” ad pulled

The Milk Processor Education Program has pulled its “Got milk?” ads featuring twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen from magazines out of “sensitivity to their current situation.” Program director Hugh Williams told the AP Tuesday the ads, which feature both Mary-Kate and Ashley with the trademark milk moustache, might run in the future. A publicist for the Olsens said Mary-Kate recently entered a treatment program for a “health-related issue,” but People and Us Weekly magazines have reported the 18-year-old actress has an eating disorder. When the ad campaign was first announced, Mary-Kate said in a statement, “We wanted to appear in this ad because we love the campaign and we want to help make sure our fans are healthy like us.”

Judge dismisses suit against Schwarzenegger

A Los Angeles judge Friday dismissed a lawsuit against California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger by a former stuntwoman who said the former action star sexually assaulted her on the set of Terminator 2 in 1991 and True Lies in 1994, and then implied she was a prostitute, Reuters reports. In her lawsuit filed last year, Miller claimed Schwarzenegger and his campaign aides defamed her by directing reporters through e-mail to the criminal record of an accused prostitute named Rhonda Miller on a Los Angeles County Web site. But Superior Court Judge Robert Hess found no evidence to show that Schwarzenegger knew of or approved an e-mail sent to reporters by his campaign. He also ruled that Miller, 54, was a public figure at the time she filed her lawsuit and was therefore not afforded the same privacy protection as members of the general public.

Star Trek‘s Scotty ailing

Actor James M. Doohan, who played the USS Enterprise’s chief engineer, Lt. Cmdr. Montgomery “Scotty” Scott, in the original ’60s Star Trek TV series, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease within the last few months. Steven Stevens, Doohan‘s agent, told the AP Tuesday the 84-year-old actor is in the beginning stages of the disease, a progressive neurological disorder. Doohan, who lives in the Seattle suburb of Redmond, also has suffered for some time with Parkinson’s disease, diabetes and fibrosis that was caused by chemical exposure during World War II when he was a soldier in the Canadian military, Stevens said. Despite his ailing health, Doohan still plans to attend a three-day Star Trek farewell convention next month in Hollywood and is scheduled to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame Aug. 31.

Sean Connery to pen memoirs

HarperCollins announced Monday it has made a deal with Sean Connery for a memoir to be published in 2006, the AP reports. But according to the publishing giant, the Scottish actor has expressed some trepidation about the project. “Having always vowed never to write my autobiography, here I am standing on the runway awaiting my journey into a new space,” HarperCollins quoted Connery as saying. “It’s rather scary, but utterly exhilarating, and I’m looking forward to it.” But the publisher would not comment on press reports that the 72-year-old actor had agreed on a six-figure deal.

Paris Hilton not “Born To Be Wild”

Steppenwolf’s John Kay told the Toronto Star that he has turned down hotel heiress Paris Hilton‘s request to use the band’s 1968 anthem “Born To Be Wild” on her Fox reality show The Simple Life. “There are certain things even a rock-and-roller will not stoop to, and this is one of them,” Kay told the paper. Perhaps the offer paled in comparison to past usage of the song, most notably on the soundtrack of the classic 1969 road trip film Easy Rider, starring Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper.

Crow cheers Armstrong on in Tour de France

Rocker Sheryl Crow, who is dating American cyclist and five-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong, told the AP she plans to be by her beau’s side through much of the three-week race, which started Saturday. “For me, it has been not only a great adventure, but necessary, I think, to my art,” she said, adding: “I guess I’m going to write a whole record about bike riding.” Crow, who said she expects Armstrong to win an unprecedented sixth Tour, also said meeting Armstrong has changed her life. “I’ve had so many incredible things happen to me and I would say that meeting Lance has definitely been the most incredible,” she said.

Kenny Rogers’s wife has twins

Singer Kenny Rogers, 65, and his wife, Wanda, are the parents of identical twin boys, the AP reports. The twins, Justin Charles, who weighed 6 pounds, 10 ounces, and his twin brother, Jordan Edward, who weighed 5 pounds, 8 ounces, were born Tuesday morning in Atlanta. Twins apparently run on both sides of the family: Wanda is an identical twin, and twins also run in Kenny Rogers’ family. Rogers has three children from previous marriages.