News, May 2: Tabloid Gets First Images of Douglases’ Baby, Michael Jackson Sued Again, “Lizzie Maguire” Sequel Already in Works, More…

Top Story: Star Shows First Shots of Douglas Baby

Star magazine captured the first paparazzi photo of Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas‘s new baby girl, Carys Zeta Douglas, who was born Easter Sunday, USA reports. The highly sought after photo shows a long-lens shot of the dark-haired newborn asleep in her mother’s arms and is on the tabloid’s cover. According to USA, editors won’t reveal where the picture was snapped, what they paid for it or whether the couple–who recently and successfully sued British mag Hello!, for publishing unofficial pictures of their 2000 wedding–will take legal action. In another case, USA reports lawyers for the couple Wednesday sent a cease-and-desist letter to Clear Channel Worldwide, which recently posted photos on the Web of a “heavily pregnant and topless” Zeta-Jones sunning herself in Mexico and smoking a cigarette.

Franklin Ordered to Clean Up

Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin was ordered to clean up the mess left by a fire which ravaged her Oakland County, Mich., home Oct. 25, the Associated Press reports. Kaye Chartier, Bloomfield Township’s code and ordinance director, told The Oakland Press Franklin, who was in Texas at the time of the fire, has 10 days to clean up the site and 30 days to inform the township of her plans to either renovate or demolish the house. After a six-month investigation, it was ruled the fire was caused by arson. No charges have been filed.

Rhode Island Affiliate Won’t Air CSI: Miami Episode

Out of respect for the victims and survivors of the tragic fire in February during a Great White concert, a Rhode Island-area CBS affiliate will not be airing an CSI: Miami episode which deals with a nightclub fire, AP reports. The episode, scheduled to air Monday, focuses on the criminal investigation of a fire at a Miami nightclub that was caused by pyrotechnics.

Dixie Chicks Open Tour With a Bang

With or without controversy, the Dixie Chicks opened their summer tour to a cheering, sold-old crowd Thursday in South Carolina. According to AP, singer Natalie Maines headed off any possible negative reactions that may have arisen from her now-infamous comment about the President. “We have a plan for this,” Maines reportedly told the audience. “If you’re here to boo, we welcome that. We’re going to give you 15 seconds to do that.” The fans cheered them on instead, AP reports.(Now, would you be there if you felt like booing them? Just askin’.)

Another Lawsuit Against Michael Jackson

A design firm that claims it was hired by Michael Jackson to build him a personal theme park in Las Vegas sued the singer Friday, alleging that he owes about $80,000, City News reports. Cancilier Studio Inc. claims Jackson made a deal with the company in March 2002 to help design and build the “Neverlands Estate,” where the company would pay the tab and be paid back “later.” Cancilier finished the project but has yet to see any money from the pop singer.

Rap Music Label Has Drug Connection

An extensive money-laundering investigation by the Internal Revenue Service has uncovered that the record label Murder Inc., who represents recording artists as Ja Rule and Ashanti, had a partnership with notorious drug dealer Kenneth McGriff, AP reports. According to the affidavit, one informant told federal investigators that while “[Irv] Gotti [owner of Murder Inc.] is the public face of Murder Inc., McGriff is the true owner of the company … It is well-known in the music industry that McGriff has provided Murder Inc. with ‘muscle.'”

Roth Isn’t as Heroic as He Claims

In a statement, former Van Halen singer David Lee Roth claims he stopped an intruder Saturday on his property and held him at bay with a shotgun until the police arrived–funny thing is, the police say it didn’t really happen that way, LAUNCH reports. Police did corroborate that Roth‘s neighbor was found on the front lawn of the singer’s house, but that Roth was on the second-floor balcony with not a shotgun in site.

J.K. Rowling Will Talk About New Potter Book

Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling will field questions about her fifth installment Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix from roughly 4,000 fans when she takes the stage at London’s Royal Albert Hall, Reuters reports. In order to promote the launch of the book, the event–with tickets being awarded through school lotteries–will take place June 26.

Role Call: Garner Gets “Happy,” Cusacks Leave “Stepford,” Another “Lizzie Maguire”

Jennifer Garner will replace Gwyneth Paltrow in the indie Happy Endings. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the film, also starring Lisa Kudrow, is described as a contemporary comedy set in Los Angeles involving three intertwining stories with 10 characters…In more replacement news, John Cusack and his sister Joan have dropped out of the remake of The Stepford Wives, with Matthew Broderick and Bette Midler in negotiations to replace them, Variety reports…Meanwhile, Disney already has a sequel in the works for the cutesy Lizzie McGuire Movie, which opens May 2 and stars the new ‘tween queen Hilary Duff.