News, May 30: Thornton and Jolie Make Divorce Official, Jackson Has Costliest Suit to Date, Ozzy Tours With Kelly, More…

Top Story: Angelina and Billy Bob Make It Official

Time to throw away those blood-filled amulets. Yes, the passionate but brief marriage between Oscar-winning Angelina Jolie, 27, and Billy Bob Thornton, 47, is officially a done deal. Reuters reports court documents were filed Tuesday by Jolie on the grounds of “irreconcilable differences” and uncontested. It was Thornton‘s fifth marriage and Jolie‘s second. Jolie‘s lawyers told Reuters the couple had reached an agreement over support and visitation rights for their adopted Cambodian son Maddox but she declined to reveal details.

Garner Takes a Break

In coping with her recent split with husband Scott Foley, Alias star Jennifer Garner took a much-needed hiatus in Hawaii and also visited her parents in West Virginia. In an interview to air Thursday on Access Hollywood, The Associated Press reports Garner told Pat O’Brien, “I have such great girlfriends, and I was able to go away with them to Hawaii for almost a week and I went home to my parents in West Virginia for a week, so I had a nice time away.”

Harrison Ford Gets a Walk of Fame Star…Again

Harrison Ford will get a star on the famed Hollywood Walk of Fame Friday, even though he thought he had already received one. It turns out the other star belongs to a silent screen actor of the same name, who got the star in 1960. Ford was selected in 1984 to get a star but never responded. “Sometimes that happens with the nominations,” Ana Martinez-Holler of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce told City News. “They’ll change publicists, they’ll change management, and aren’t aware they had already been approved.” The mistake came when Ford took the word of someone who informed him–incorrectly–that the other Ford‘s star was his, Martinez-Holler said. Whew. Glad they got it all straightened out.

Reeves Set to Make Millions Off Matrix Sequels

Exactly how much will Matrix star Keanu Reeves be making with the two Matrix sequels The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions? Good question. Variety reports the intricate back-end deal Reeves made in 1999 when he agreed to do the sequels–which included not only box office sales but DVD, video game, TV sales and ancillaries–could net the actor anywhere from $90 million to near $200 million, depending on the final estimates. His friends must be saying, “Dinner’s on Keanu!”

More on Jackson’s Legal Woes

The latest suit to enter the courtroom against Michael Jackson could be the singer’s most costly, as details of his personal life may be revealed. Reuters reports a lawsuit brought by Jackson‘s former financial advisor, Myung-Ho Lee, and his firm Union Finance and Investment Corp., claims the onetime King of Pop is broke, having squandered his fortune in “bizarre” ways while egged on by a string of “charlatans.” They are seeking $12 million for alleged breach of contract and fraud. Jackson has counter-sued, claiming that his trusted advisor–whom he called “Lawyer Lee”–and Union Finance stole millions from him and destroyed records to cover up their misdeeds, Reuters reports.

P. Diddy Joins Fight Against NY Drug Law

Sean “P. Diddy” Combs stood up with rap mogul Russell Simmons and U.S. housing secretary Andrew Cuomo to call for a repeal of New York’s strict Rockefeller drug laws, AP reports. The laws, passed in the 1970s, can subject first-time offenders to 15 years to life in prison if convicted of selling as little as 2 ounces or possessing as little as 4 ounces of a controlled substance. Gov. George Pataki and the state Legislature have been unable to agree on how to reform or repeal them, AP reports.

Kelly Will Join Ozzy Onstage

Kelly Osbourne will team up with dad Ozzy later this year on a U.K. concert tour, Ozzy’s first British gig in eight years, AP reports. “I couldn’t be happier about doing my own dates in the UK and having Kelly on the bill with me,” Ozzy said on the Web Site, “I decided that this would be a great opportunity to bring my full stage show over to rock the UK.”

Role Call: Jovovich’s Ultraviolet

Milla Jovovich has signed with Screen Gems to reprise her role in the Resident Evil sequel as well as to play the title character in Ultraviolet, a futuristic vampire tale. Variety reports the film is about a tough woman who finds herself the protector of a 9-year-old boy targeted for death. Backdrop is a civil war in the late 21st century between humans and a subculture turned into vampires.