News, Nov. 22: McCartney to Perform at Super Bowl, Jim Carrey Says he is Drug-Free, Seinfeld’s Famous Puffy Shirt on Display, More…

McCartney to perform at Super Bowl halftime show

Former Beatle Paul McCartney is expected to headline the Super Bowl halftime show this February, The Associated Press reports. After the controversy over last year’s halftime show, CBS and the National Football League are taking extra precautions to ensure that this year’s halftime show goes on as planned. At Houston’s Reliant Stadium last Feb. 1, pop star Justin Timberlake exposed singer Janet Jackson’s right breast to a TV audience of over 90 million people. CBS is still protesting the FCC’s fine of $550,000 for last year’s halftime show incident. McCartney has performed at two other Super Bowl games in the past, giving NFL executives a much better feeling about the outcome of his performance. “We are extremely pleased to work again with Paul McCartney, one of the greatest musicians of our time, to create a memorable show,” said Steve Bornstein, the NFL’s executive vice president of media.

New York TV network rejects promotion of Kinsey

New York TV station WNET has rejected the promotion of the controversial upcoming movie Kinsey, deeming it “too commercial and too provocative.” According to the AP, the PBS station does not air commercials, but instead replaces them with “enhanced underwriting spots” that advertise upcoming movies. Fox Searchlight Pictures, which is distributing the movie about sex researcher Alfred Kinsey, is shocked at being censored in a state as liberal as New York. “New York is the most sophisticated city in the country,” said Nancy Utley, marketing chief for Fox Searchlight. “It would never occur to me that a censorship issue would come up in New York.” The introduction of Kinsey has gained negative attention from conservative groups around the nation, blaming the researcher for inspiring the sexual revolution. CNN has agreed to air the commercials as well as have stations in Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Boston.

Seinfeld‘s famous puffy shirt on display at the Smithsonian

The unfashionable, puffy shift worn by comedian Jerry Seinfeld in an episode of the Emmy Award winning ’90s TV show Seinfeld has been put up for display at the Smithsonian, the AP reports. Alongside Archie Bunker’s chair and Dorothy’s ruby red slippers, the puffy shirt worn in just one episode of the show is now being remembered for being an unforgettable piece of wardrobe. In the 66th episode of the “show about nothing,” Jerry agrees as a favor to wear the goofy blouse during an interview on the Today show. The white shirt was designed by Seinfeld’s costume designer, Charmaine Simmons. Now considered an icon, the puffy shirt goes down in Smithsonian history as a memorable piece of American pop culture.

Jim Carrey lives a drug-free life

Actor and comedian Jim Carrey says he’s quit all drugs. In an interview that aired Sunday with CBS’ 60 Minutes, Carrey told reporter Steve Kroft that his reliance on the anti-depressant Prozac, never cured his depression. “I had to get off at a certain point because I realized that … everything is just OK,” said Carrey. Carrey now lives his life without any drugs or alcohol. “I rarely drink coffee. I am very serious about no alcohol, no drugs,” he said. “Life is too beautiful.” Carrey’s film credits include Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and The Mask.

Prosecution cracks down on defense in Jackson case

The prosecution in the Michael Jackson child molestation case is accusing the defense of abusing their rights under the judicial system, the AP reports. The defense is being accused of demanding medical records from the alleged victim and his family. Prosecutors have expressed their disapproval by adding that the defense “has grossly abused the process of the court” by requesting information that violated privacy right of the alleged victim and his family that “could not possibly lead to evidence relevant.” The response from Jackson’s defense team could not immediately be made public. Jackson has pleaded not guilty to charges of child molestation, conspiracy and administering an intoxicating agent, alcohol, to a young boy. The trial is scheduled to being on Jan. 31.

Vanilla Ice expected to be reunited with his wallaroo and goat

Bucky Buckaroo the wallaroo and Pancho the goat will soon be reunited with their owner, rapper Vanilla Ice. According to the Associated Press, the animals escaped their Florida home before being captured on Nov. 13 after scratching a woman’s car. The animals are now in the custody of an exotic animal breeder until fines of $220 are paid to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. “I’m pretty shocked at all this attention,” he said. “They get more attention here than they do at home.” Vanilla Ice, born Robert van Winkle, is best known for his 1990 hit, “Ice Ice, Baby.” Recently he has appeared on the WB’s reality show, The Surreal Life.

Record producer songwriter Terry Melcher dead at age 62

According to his publicist, record producer and songwriter Terry Melcher lost his battle with melanoma on Saturday. At age 62, Melcher was best known for his work with The Beach Boys, The Byrds and The Mamas and the Papas. Melcher also led a productive solo career in addition to producing his mother Doris Day’s CBS shows, The Doris Day Show and Doris Day’s Best Friends. Melcher’s name was also linked to the 1969 Charles Manson murders after turning Manson down for a record contract. The Los Angeles police department denied rumors that Melcher was one of Manson’s targets.