News, Oct. 18: Jolie called “sexiest woman”, Law bashes press, Hilton gets her own club, more.

Jolie named sexiest woman

Esquire magazine has awarded Angelina Jolie, 29, with the title of “sexiest woman alive” in its Women We Love November issue, Reuters reports. In the mag, Jolie acknowledged her image as being “kind of wild or bad or weird or crazy.” Fellow Oscar winner Halle Berry ran a close second with 6 percent., while newlywed pop princess Britney Spears made No. 3. The onetime wife of actor Billy Bob Thornton, Jolie‘s latest movies include Shark Tale, in which she plays the sultry fish Lola, and the epic Alexander (11/24), in which she plays the mother of Alexander the great. Jolie admits that she is still being herself, but must now focus on her adopted 3-year-old son and his needs. “I have to concentrate on my son,” Jolie said. “That’s why I have lovers right now and not a boyfriend. I don’t want my son to start calling somebody Daddy unless that person’s gonna stay.” Other leading contenders for the award were pop stars Jessica Simpson and Beyonce, and actresses Charlize Theron and Jennifer Aniston.

Law wants more respect from press

Actor Jude Law attacked the tabloids on Sunday for printing false information about his current relationship with actress Sienna Miller, Reuters reports. The couple met on the set of his upcoming film, Alfie and say they are having a great time together. Law is concerned that the press can sometimes be cold-hearted about situations that most couples never have to worry about. “I think it’s a terrible shame that the editors aren’t recognizing their responsibility,” he said. “It just seems so careless and nasty.”

Club named for hotel heiress

Hotel heiress Paris Hilton is now investing herself in something she is all too familiar with. Sunday the Associated Press claimed that Hilton will lend her name to a chain of nightclubs bearing the name “Club Paris.” Local owner and entrepreneur Fereidoun Khalilian offered Hilton a seven-figure signing bonus for her hand in launching the project in Orlando, Florida. The contract holds Hilton responsible for appearing in the club twice a month and for helping with the décor. Khalilian also plans to open clubs in Las Vegas, New York, Miami Beach, London, and Paris…of course. Hilton‘s entertainment attorney, Peter Lopez, agrees that the project has success written all over it. “Obviously, if there’s a club there with her name on it, she’s going to have an interest in seeing that it does well,” said Lopez.”

Cochran leaves Jackson’s defense team

Longtime supporter and attorney of Michael Jackson Steven Cochran has left Jackson‘s defense team for undisclosed reasons, CNN reports. As one of the five lawyers supporting Jackson in his 10-count indictment lawsuits, Cochran issued the statement that included his “temporary leave of absence, for his own confidential reasons, from the defense team.” Jackson assured that Thomas Mesereau would remain his lead attorney in the fight against the child molestation allegations. Mesereau also issued a statement that claimed that there was never any animosity between the two attorneys. Cochran has represented many celebrities in the past, including Britney Spears, Charlie Sheen, Forest Whitaker and Paul Rodriguez.

Former Soft Cell singer injured in accident

Former Soft Cell singer Marc Almond was hospitalized yesterday and is now in stable condition after a motorcycle crash in London, the AP reports. 48-year-old Almond and another rider were first considered to be in serious condition before being stabilized at the Royal London Hospital. As former singer of the 1980’s band Soft Cell, Almond claimed a number one hit with Tainted Love before the band split in 1984.

Donald Trump gets roasted

During the 100th anniversary of the Friar’s Club celebrity roast on Friday, real-estate mogul Donald Trump endured countless jokes about everything to do with his hair, love life and his business ventures, Reuters reports. Trump recently hit big when his NBC reality show The Apprentice captivated audiences and the phrase “You’re fired” became one of the most popular phrases of the year. NBC chief Jeff Zucker was there with a few jokes of his own, saying that “The Apprentice‘ was the only thing standing between NBC and a total collapse,” and “The Apprentice‘ was actually the second show that Donald pitched to us. The first was called “Extreme Hair Combover.”

George Lucas wins achievement award

The American Film Institute named George Lucas as their 33rd recipient of the lifetime achievement award, Variety reports. Howard Stringer is part of the board of trustees chair for the AFI and he believes Lucas has far surpassed the expectations of moviegoers. “George Lucas is a master storyteller, but he is first and foremost, a moving image pioneer,” said Stringer. “He has advanced the art of the moving image like few others and in the process has inspired a new generation of filmmakers around the world.” Lucas has two new films expected to release within the next few years; Star Wars: Episode III-Revenge of the Sith, and Indiana Jones 4. Lucas will be awarded at the annual AFI dinner in June of 2005.