News Roundup: Aug. 14


Top Story

There’ll be a new Osbourne to watch in the second season of the highly popular MTV series The Osbournes. No, Sharon and Ozzy aren’t having a baby; they’ve adopted 18-year-old Robert Marcato, a friend of their daughters Kelly and Aimee, whose mother died of colon cancer–the same type of cancer Sharon is currently battling. On the show, Marcato will be known as “Baby Osbourne.” “We’re moving him in as part of the family,” Sharon told The New York Post. The Osbournes also will pay for the young man’s college education.


Leonardo DiCaprio wants President George Bush to get more involved in protecting the Earth’s environment. The Associated Press reports that at a rally organized by Global Green USA in Los Angeles on Monday, DiCaprio called the United States the world’s biggest polluter and asked the president to attend the Earth Summit in Johannesburg, South Africa, later this month. “Mr. Bush, we’re asking for your support, to be the president that looks towards the future,” DiCaprio stated.

According to an AP report, ‘N Sync boy Lance Bass missed the deadline to pay the $20 million fee to shoot him into space. The AP reports Tuesday was the deadline, although Russian officials wouldn’t confirm that. Russian Aerospace Agency spokesman Konstantin Kreidenko would say only, “We have a contract, but we don’t have any money.” Television producer David Krieff told the AP, however, that the space trip plan was going forward. Krieff is planning to produce a TV series documenting Bass’ space adventure and said he has several investors already committed to sponsoring the trip.


Variety reports Miramax is looking to remake the Sam Peckinpah film Straw Dogs, which drew controversy over a graphic rape scene when it was released in 1971. The new version of the film, Fear Itself, will follow the same premise, focusing on a husband and wife who are dealing with a random act of violence. When they move from New York to Maine to escape, they realize they can’t run away from the threat of violence. John Polson (Swimfan) is attached to direct.

X-Men 2‘s cast list is shaping up. Joining the returning crew, including Patrick Stewart (Professor X), Halle Berry (Storm) and Hugh Jackman (Wolverine), British actor Brian Cox (The Bourne Identity) will play the villain William Stryker. Kelly Hu (The Scorpion King) will take on the role as his villainous co-hort Anne. Alan Cumming will play Nightcrawler, a new mutant superhero.

Music News

Two former members of the metal band Megadeth have teamed up with singer Steve Richards to record the long-lost, unfinished Buddy Holly song “That Makes It Tough”–40 years after the rockabilly singer’s death. Holly’s widow, Maria Elena Holly, told Arizona’s newspaper the Tribune that she gave the thumbs-up when she heard Richards sing. Wait, did we just say Megadeth? Should give the song an edge, to say the least.

Flamboyant ’80s pop singer Adam Ant pleaded guilty Tuesday to brandishing a pistol and brawling in a northern London pub Jan. 12 after pub customers laughed at his clothes. The singer, once known as “the dandy highwayman,” reportedly threatened the patrons with a starting gun after they mocked his cowboy attire, then flung a car alternator through the pub’s window. The 47-year-old singer, whose real name is Stuart Goddard, was released on bail until Oct. 2 for sentencing.