News Roundup: Dec. 26

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Actor Sir Nigel Hawthorne (1996 Oscar nominee for The Madness of King George) died of a heart attack last Wednesday at his home in London. Hawthorne, 72, had been battling pancreatic cancer for two years.

In General

Liz Hurley and Matthew Perry will not be making the film Servicing Sara–the two actors have been deemed “too fat” by producers, according to the UK’s

On Christmas Day, the daughter of Clint Eastwood was forced to jump from the roof of her home in British Columbia due to a house fire. She suffered only minor burns on her hands.

When you watch Robert Altman‘s new film Gosford Park, try to imagine Robert Downey, Jr. in the lead, not Ryan Phillippe, who landed the role. Altman originally argued for Downey to star, and also lobbied for an R rating, citing the need for more coarse language, according to

Pamela Anderson‘s latest boy toy–rapper Kid Rock–has vowed to stop wearing his famed fur coats due to Anderson‘s pro-animal-rights stance, according to USA Today.

MAD magazine’s number-one “Dumb Person of the Year” is Rev. Jerry Falwell, who drew the media’s ire for stating that the Sept. 11 tragedy was caused in part by “abortionists, feminists, gays and lesbians.”

According to Reuters, ex-Beatle Paul McCartney is reinforcing his plea to ban fox hunting with dogs in his home country of England. The practice is a leading cause of foot-and-mouth disease.

You won’t be seeing ABC‘s Funkhausers this spring. Instead, the sitcom–formerly a directorial project for Danny DeVito, who has since dropped out–will air in the fall of 2002. The delay stems from the need for additional creative input, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Actor Kevin Costner is now proud to call himself a successful restaurateur, as late last week he celebrated the six-month anniversary of the opening of his Santa Barbara eatery Epiphany.

According to a recent Kaiser Family Foundation poll, both celebs and parents agree that the TV ratings system–ranging from TV-G to TV-MA–do not affect what audiences watch. Dick Wolf, producer of NBC‘s Law & Order, told Variety, “Nobody cares. Take a poll, and see if anyone even knows how to activate their V-chip.”

Actor Charlton Heston‘s loyalties are with the U.S. military and its campaign to rid the world of terrorism. According to the BBC, Heston told U.S. troops, “Stay with it. Keep the course. We will win.”