News Roundup: Dec. 30

Top Story

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring has already been deemed imperfect by eagle-eyed Rings devotees. According to, over three dozen mistakes have been spotted by fans, including a car traveling in the background, an apple with a supermarket price tag on it and a supposedly “dead” extra who pops his head up to take a look at Frodo Baggins.

In General

Hogwarts Express, the steam train that whisks Harry Potter away in the movie Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, will not be used as a tourist attraction for now, Reuters reports. The London railway station currently storing the vehicle says producer Warner Bros. has threatened to sue if the station uses the Harry Potter name.

Anna Nicole Smith, who’s infamous for her marriage to late husband millionaire J. Howard Marshall II, may be going back to court, The Associated Press reports. Marshall’s son is appealing a previous judgment that awarded Smith more than $400 million of the elder Marshall’s estate. The younger Marshall has already spent two days testifying in court and on Wednesday, Smith‘s attorneys will begin questioning him.

Sopranos star Edie Falco will have to delay her Broadway debut in Frankie and Johnny in the Clair de Lune, a musical about two lovers, Variety says. Unfortunately, scheduling conflicts between the HBO gangster drama and the musical will delay the show’s opening. Originally set to premiere in August, Frankie will now open in May.

Actress Marisa Tomei is claiming that her cat is psychic. The actress said she was asleep when her cat “was telling me to get up and turn on the TV.” Apparently, she got up just in time to hear her Golden Globe nomination for her role in “In the Bedroom,” reports.

Peter Tork of the ’60s pop band “The Monkees” told the National Enquirer that fellow singers Mickey Dolenz and Davy Jones‘ excess consumption of alcohol turned them into madmen, and that is why they fired Tork with only two shows left in their 35th anniversary tour. Tork claims he’s a recovering alcoholic who agreed to go on tour only if he didn’t have to “put up with drinking and difficult behavior.”

Turkey’s National Art Gallery was forced to take down four paintings thought to be the art of the late Pablo Picasso, according to the BBC. It is unclear where the impostor canvases originated.

Stewart Adamson, former lead singer of ’80s pop band Big Country, was given a simple funeral Saturday, the BBC reports. About 50 friends and family attended the service at Dunfermline Crematorium in Scotland.