News Roundup: Feb. 8


Top Story

A man slipped into Janet Jackson‘s room Wednesday night at Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum while the pop diva was on stage playing to a packed house. Nineteen-year old Mario Beckham allegedly took some of Janet‘s stuffed animals before being arrested. No word on whether Beckham tried on any of Miss Jackson-if-you’re-nasty‘s more personal items–like her fuzzy pink slippers.

In General

Naomi Watts and Kate Hudson are in negotiations to star in Merchant Ivory’s Le Divorce, based on the best-selling novel by Diane Johnson. One can only hope Watts insists on re-creating her steamy sex scene from Mulholland Drive with Laura Harring with Hudson.

Singer Roger Daltrey has interviewed Mike Myers (Shrek) to play Keith Moon, The Who’s wild-man drummer who died at 32 from a drug overdose, in a biopic about Moon. Daltrey, who met Myers on the set of Austin Powers 3, called Myers “a genius” and “surprisingly small for an ogre, and not too green at all.”

A new drama starring Andie MacDowell has been picked up by CBS. MacDowell stars as a North Carolina veterinarian in the tentatively titled Jo. CBS is banking that MacDowell‘s patients will be the only ones she puts to sleep.

Fox and its hit show Boston Public have come under fire by a coalition of 15 Christian and conservative groups. (Who knew so many Christians and conservatives watched Fox?) The groups have asked the FCC to investigate Fox for ignoring broadcast decency standards. has asked the FCC to investigate the rapid decline of ABC’s ratings.

Hugh Jackman (Kate & Leopold) is reportedly set to play famously gay Australian singer-songwriter Peter Allen in a musical stage production based on the colorful performer. Allen was married briefly to Liza Minnelli, leading to speculation on exactly when Allen realized he was gay.

Matthew Broderick‘s replacement has been found: Steven Weber (TV’s Wings) will take his place in Broadway’s “The Producers,” The New York Times reports. Fortunately for Broderick, no one is set to replace him as Sarah Jessica Parker‘s husband.

Roger Moore (Bond, James Bond) will guest star on the March 10 episode of ABC’s Alias. The aging former spy will play–what else?–a spymaster. can only assume George Lazenby wasn’t available.

Speaking of Alias, Jennifer Garner will guest star on the now-doomed Felicity‘s final episode in May. The WB axed the show Thursday, People magazine reports. ABC bigwigs must be hoping Garner‘s appearance will draw The WB’s four viewers over to the alphabet network.

MSNBC has publicly apologized for a racial epithet that appeared under a picture of Republican consultant Niger Innis on Monday. (The graphic added an extra “g” to Niger’s name.)