News Roundup: July 29


Top Story

Ozzy Osbourne announced Friday he is taking a three-week break from headlining his annual Ozzfest concert tour to be with his wife, Sharon, as she undergoes chemotherapy treatment for colon cancer. Ozzy’s metal band Black Sabbath left the tour after Sunday’s performance in Atlanta and will rejoin it in Denver Aug. 22, Reuters reports. Rock band System of a Down will fill in as the headlining spot until Osbourne returns.


Oscar-nominated Renee Zellweger recently purchased a $6.8 million mansion in Bel Air, Calif., apparently at a bargain price. The 6,400-square-foot, 1930s-style home–which has seven bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a workout room and a library–has been on and off the market since March 2001, originally going for $8.9 million. Such a big place for such a tiny woman.

Superman star Margot Kidder, 54, whose publicized breakdown six years ago left her wandering the streets of L.A., told The Associated Press she has gotten over the “periodic bungee jumps into craziness” by getting off psychiatric drugs. Kidder will be appearing in the acclaimed play The Vagina Monologues at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts.

The Los Angeles Times reports celebs such as Will Smith and Chris Rock and the Rev. Jesse Jackson have lent their support in defense of British rapper “Slick Rick” Walters, who could be deported because of an attempted murder conviction 11 years ago. Walters, a legal resident but not a U.S. citizen, served more than five years in prison for a 1991 shooting in New York and is required by U.S. law to be deported. Smith wrote a letter to the Immigration and Naturalization Service to try to convince the agency to let Walters stay in the United States.


Sean Penn will star in the independent film The Assassination of Richard Nixon, a fact-based tale about a desperate salesman’s attempts to make his place in history. Shooting is scheduled to begin in April.

OK, because we all have been waiting for it, here is a full list of all the mutants who will be joining the original cast in the highly anticipated X-Men 2: Colossus, Jubilee, Kitty Pryde, Siryn, Pyro, Iceman, Nightcrawler, Beast and Gambit. All are good mutants working for Dr. Xavier (Patrick Stewart).

Tube News

The folks at Saturday Night Live are going back to their political roots. The 2000 presidential election hopeful Arizona Sen. John McCain will be guest hosting SNL this fall–and told The Arizona Republic newspaper he is doing it because “it impresses my kids.” He also added he is glad there will be a week of rehearsals. The date of his appearance has not been announced.

Music News

Britney Spears did not intend to flip off her adoring fans in Mexico City. Flashing her middle finger as she arrived in the city, the pop princess told Reuters on Friday she was reacting to the intrusive paparazzi nearly causing a car wreck to get a photo of her. Spears ended her world tour Saturday and Sunday at Mexico City’s Foro Sol baseball stadium.