News Roundup: May 19


Top Story

Tom Green just can’t stop being annoying. While on a cross-country tour of skate parks, the Associated Press reported the comedian made a pit stop at a Des Moines, Iowa dance club–and promptly irritated the crowd to the point of getting himself booed off the stage.

Things started off pleasantly enough, with Green inciting the patrons to chant, “I like to drink beer” and “In Iowa, we like to drink beer, ” but then took it one step too far, interrupting the music and yelling into the microphone. Guess it’s just in his nature.


Arnold Schwarzenegger wants to help shape the youth of America. The AP reports that at an annual meeting of the California Society of Newspaper Editors and Associated Press News Executives Council Friday, the imposing actor promoted a 2002 state ballot initiative that would give more than $400 million towards extracurricular activities and tutoring for kids in kindergarten through ninth grade.

Rapper Master P’s stalker will finally stand trial. Antwan Kevin Baker has been accused of stalking and making criminal threats against Percy Miller, known as Master P, for the last three years and was arrested April 17. Little risky stalking a rapper, don’t you think? Those guys can be pretty tough.

Supermodel Gisele Bundchen is not dating “it’s-not-my-baby” Steve Bing and she and Leonardo DiCaprio are not on the skids, as previously rumored. According to, Bundchen, at a Victoria’s Secret shoot last week, kept pushing her breasts together saying, “Thees ees for Leo…Thees ees for my boyfriend,” while posing in lingerie. No doubt Leo’s happy to hear it.

Tube News

The season finale of NBC’s Friends, where Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) gave birth to daughter Emma and accepted an unintentional marriage proposal from Joey (Matt LeBlanc), drew the show’s second biggest audience ever, at about 34.9 million viewers.

Music News

Actor, writer, director and now musician Billy Bob Thornton is rocking with the best of them, including Elvis Costello. On Friday Thornton began his two-week, nine-city tour in Los Angeles, showing off his rockabilly musical roots, and announced he will join Costello on dates in Minnesota, Michigan and Ohio.

Opera tenor Luciano Pavarotti postponed a performance in Britain to rehearse for a Three Tenor concert (joining Placido Domingo and Jose Carreras) at the World Cup tournament in Japan.

In Memoriam

Songwriter Sharon Sheeley, best known for her song “Poor Little Fool” that was immortalized by pop icon Ricky Nelson in 1958, died Saturday in Los Angeles of complications following an aneurysm. She was 62.