News Roundup: May 28


Top Story

Actor/director Clint Eastwood will be attending the third annual Maui Film Festival next month to accept the 2002 Silversword Award, honoring Eastwood‘s contributions to “the art and soul of filmmaking,” festival director Barry Rivers told Variety. The Maui Film Festival’s top honor first went to director Tim Burton, and last year’s recipient was the Earth Communication Office in Santa Monica, Calif.


Anglophile Gwyneth Paltrow can not only adopt a British accent, but she apparently wants to live the life of a Londoner. According to London’s The Sun, she is looking to buy a luxury flat as a permanent resident. She is currently starring in the West End play Proof.

To celebrate the impending birth of her baby daughter in late June, several of Brandy’s friends, including 100 radio contest winners, threw her a shower Friday in Beverly Hills, Calif. The singer has decided to donate her gifts to the Jenesse Center, Inc., an organization that operates three women’s shelters in Los Angeles.

Reuters reports Italian fashion designer Giorgio Armani will be named a goodwill ambassador by the United Nations for his work in assisting Afghan refugees. Armani, 67, has been working with the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees for a year, organizing campaigns to raise awareness and funds.

In the Biz

Light sabers and spider webs continue to dominate overseas as well as in the United States. Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones is dominating the box office in Europe, Australia and parts of Asia, taking in a total of $128.9 million so far, while Spider-Man is wowing them in Latin America and Japan, bringing in $100.2 million, with its debut in Western Europe and Australia pending.

Tube News

Game Show Network will be developing an Americanized version of the hit European game show Lingo, with veteran game-show host Chuck Woolery as the emcee. According to Variety, the show combines the idea of bingo with a test of vocabulary, in which two teams compete against each other as they try to guess five-letter words based on the host’s clues.

For the next installment of ABC’s reality series The Bachelor, the producers want to find someone different from the 31-year-old management consultant Alex Michel. Harvard grads and MBA holders need not apply.

Music News

Limp Bizkit’s frontman Fred Durst desperately wants the band’s former guitarist Wes Borland to come back. Borland left the band in October 2001 to pursue other interests. “We are hoping Wes will come back and surprise us one day soon….We miss him, but he’s doing his thing, and he’s supposedly really happy,” LAUNCH Music reported Durst wrote on the band’s Web site. “E-mail Wes and tell him to come back to his family.”

Another song-swapping site getting sued? Looks like, a clone of that other infamous site known as Napster, is being sued by two associations on behalf of music labels, songwriters and music publishers for infringement on copyrighted works, as the site encourages users to copy and distribute music.


Steven Spielberg received an honorary doctorate from Yale University on Monday for his long career in the film industry. Ironically, Spielberg also recently earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from California State University, Long Beach, after he finished courses he abandoned three decades earlier to pursue his career. He’s got the diplomas coming out of his ears now.