News Roundup: May 5

Top Story

C’mon, Anna, don’t be greedy. The Associated Press reports Anna Nicole Smith, the former Playboy Playmate who married oil tycoon J. Howard Marshall, tried to squeeze another $30 million out of her late husband’s estate but was denied by a federal judge Thursday. The $88 million she was awarded in March will just have to do. And Smith‘s critics thought she married the then 89-year-old Marshall just for money…


Speaking of J. Howard Marshall, if we learn nothing else from him, at least we know it’s never too late to be a bachelor. Academy Award winner Anthony Hopkins, 64, was granted a divorce Tuesday in England from Jenny, his wife of 29 years, the AP reports. The pair had been separated for several years.

Spanish beauty Penelope Cruz (Vanilla Sky) will show off her vocal abilities to help her favorite charity, reports. Cruz is cutting an album that will benefit the Sabera Foundation, an organization that helps homeless girls in Calcutta.

In the Biz

If you’re going to see the movie Spider-Man this weekend, don’t forget the red superhero’s origins. Entertainment Weekly features the top five most collectable Spider-Man comic books and reports the Amazing Fantasy #15 Aug. 1962 edition is worth as much as $40,000, if in near-perfect condition. Ah, so that’s what they mean by holding on to childhood memories.

Music News

As if her failure of an album Glitter wasn’t enough, music fans have spoken: Mariah Carey needs to hang it up. According to a poll on that asked users, “If you could remove one pop act’s music from the face of the Earth, who would it be?” the songbird came in first. Trailing Mariah are Jennifer Lopez and ‘N SYNC.

Elton John holds a new title–he’s the first pop star to perform inside Buckingham Palace. Friday, the rocket man recorded a song from the royal Blue Drawing Room to be broadcast on a giant screen for the Queen’s Golden Jubilee concert on June 3, the BBC reports. John opted for the recording since he’ll be on tour when the Queen’s gala takes place.

Some of music’s biggest names are soaking up the sun in West Palm Beach, Fla. this weekend. Bonnie Rait, No Doubt, George Thoroghgood and the Destroyers, Rick James, War, the Doobie Brothers, Ja Rule and Earth, Wind and Fire have either performed Friday or Saturday or will perform Sunday, making this year’s annual SunFest a StarFest.

Tube News

What do you get when you mix a vampire-slayer and a short, round funnyman? We’re not sure either, but Sarah Michelle Gellar and Jack Black will be hosting the 2002 MTV Movie Awards. The show will happens on June 1 at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, but the TV broadcast is June 6 at 9 p.m.


Try not to step on Bill Cosby when you visit New York, OK? On Friday, the veteran comedian was inducted into the NBC Walk of Fame and now a plaque bearing his name has been laid in the floor of the NBC Experience store in Rockefeller Center, N.Y. Cosby joins previous Walk of Famers, the late Milton Berle and Sid Caesar, the AP reports.