News Roundup: Oct. 16


Top Story

Shea O’Brien Foley, a former employee at George Lucas‘ Northern California mecca Lucasfilm, was arrested Oct. 8 for allegedly stealing images, storyboards and video files for Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones. This also included taking an advanced copy of the nearly completed film and secretly screening it for movie critic Harry Knowles two months before the film was released. Variety reports Foley was tracked by the Lucasfilm staff through the screen name “Shay” used in Star Wars chat rooms. He was released on $200,000 bail Monday.


Looks like Pamela Anderson and her beau Kid Rock may tie the knot next month in Las Vegas. The Associated Press reports Hank Williams Jr., who has been recording with Kid Rock, spilled the beans to an concert audience in Dallas last weekend, saying he was going to be attending the wedding. Kid Rock is currently touring with Aerosmith and will be at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas Nov. 9.

In Court

Arizona clothing manufacturer MPA International has filed a $205,000 suit against Ivana Trump alleging she illegally transferred funds from her clothing company, House of Ivana, to buy property in Florida and pay for repairs on her yacht. AP reports the former wife of wealthy developer Donald Trump could not be reached for comment.


The large-scaled items which were stolen Friday from the set of the Mike Myers‘ comedy The Cat in the Hat were found in a field in California Sunday. Some of the items, including a giant pair of glasses, a door key and golf ball, were broken and had graffiti written all over them, which may help lead police to the thieves.

Phoenix Pictures is developing a feature film based on the Zodiac killer, who committed at least 37 murders in the San Francisco area between 1966 to 1978. The film will focus on Robert Graysmith, a San Francisco Chronicle editorial cartoonist who, in 1968, was the recipient of letters from the Zodiac killer outlining his murderous deeds. Graysmith went on to write two books on the subject and claims he identified the killer, but because of competing investigations and other circumstances, the suspect was never apprehended.

Speaking of which, while a real-life sniper continues to terrorize the Washington, D.C., area, 20th Century Fox has decided to delay the Nov. 15 release of their thriller Phone Booth, starring Colin Farrell, due to its sensitive content concerning snipers. The film centers on Farrell’s character who answers a pay phone and is told by a unseen gunman he will be shot if he hangs up.

Dustin Hoffman and Ray Romano are negotiating to join forces on the political comedy Mooseport (great title!). The story follows a former U.S. president ready to settle down in a East Coast town (Hoffman) whose plans are dashed when some of the townspeople implore the former president to fill the empty mayor’s seat. His opposition is an unassuming hardware store owner (Romano) who becomes very popular.