News Roundup: Oct. 4

Top Stories

Actress Rebecca Gayheart (Beverly Hills 90210, Scream 2, Urban Legend) was charged with misdemeanor manslaughter for striking and killing a 9 year-old pedestrian boy, Jorge Cruz in June, The Associated Press reports. Conviction of the charge could result in jail time, heavy fines and loss of license. The actress paid for the boy’s medical and funeral expenses.

Steven Soderbergh, Spike Jonze, David Fincher and Alexander Payne are forming a film company that will most likely be linked to USA films, Variety reports. The venture will allow them to direct film with complete creative control, giving them the opportunity to own the titles in five to seven years. USA Films would contribute financing and marketing, as well as obtaining domestic distribution rights. Sam Mendes (American Beauty) has also been asked to join the company.

In Court

Shannen Doherty has been sentenced to five days in a work-release program as a result of her drunken driving arrest in December, The Associated Press reports. Doherty pleaded no contest to the misdemeanor charge of .13 blood alcohol content, and the judge gave her the minimum sentence.

In General

The 19th century period film Gangs of New York will be pushed back for wide release until 2002, Variety reports. The Scorsese film, starring Cameron Diaz and Daniel Day-Lewis, chronicles the Irish and Italian gangs of Manhattan.

Ice-T stars in the new straight-to-video release of Sonic Impact, which is already on new-release shelves around the country, according to Variety. Its release came only 11 days after the WTC attacks and deals with similar issues of plane hijacking and crashing.

American Pie 2 film editors are chopping away at too-sexy-for-TV scenes so that the film can be sold to the highest network bidder for TV viewing, Variety reports. The film could fetch up to $22 million if the editors can maintain the humorous portions of the film without taking out too much of its content.

Court TV is planning to launch its first made-for-TV movie in winter 2002, according to Variety. The flick “Guilt by Association” deals with mandatory minimum sentencing rules and will be the first of several legal films based on actual events.

La Femme Nikita star Anne Parillaud will take the lead role in upcoming film “Scenes Intimes,” directed by Catherine Breillat, Variety reports. Parillaud plays a film director whose movie contains sensuous and erotic scenes. “Scenes Intimes” will begin production in November.

Broadway general managers and producers are telling union workers that the 25% pay cuts may be lessened sooner than later. As shows continue to bring in more revenues, the execs will move to a 12.5% pay cut. (Due to the recent September 11th attacks, public turnout has negatively affected theater income.)