News Roundup: Rocking out for relief

Top Stories

Mick Jagger, Aerosmith, the Goo Goo Dolls and ‘N Sync will perform the United We Stand concert at RFK Stadium in Washington D.C. on Oct. 21. The show will be comprised of about 18 to 20 acts, a Clear Channel spokeswoman told Reuters. All money raised from the show will benefit the American Red Cross Relief Fund, the Pentagon Relief Fund and the Salvation Army Relief Fund. Tickets go on sale on Oct. 12.

Los Angeles movie studios, which have already tightened security after the FBI warned they could be targeted if the U.S. strikes Afghanistan, have further increased their vigilance after the U.S. began bombing the country on Sunday. A spokeswoman for Warner Bros. told Reuters that a memo had been sent to all employees to reassure all steps were being taken to increase security. Guards at Warners are checking visitor’s car trunks and visitors are being asked to pass through a metal detector.


Dougie Millings, the tailor who created the Beatles‘ famous collarless suit, died on Sept. 20 in London of unknown causes. He was 88. Millings also crafted the wardrobe for the Beatles‘ tour in 1964 and went on to make some 500 outfits for the band, the Associated Press reports.

Herbert L. Block, the Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist known by the name “Herblock,” died of pneumonia at Sibley Memorial Hospital in Washington on Sunday. He was 91. Block drew every U.S. president since Herbert Hoover. His work was syndicated in more than 300 newspapers across the nation.


Actor Tom Laughlin, 72, best known for his role as the karate-kicking rebel from the 1970s movies Billy Jack and The Trial of Billy Jack, has been diagnosed with cancer that is inoperable because of his heart condition, the AP reports. Laughlin suffers from cancer at the base of his tongue. An angiogram showed one of his arteries is completely clogged, while the others are 75 percent clogged.

In Court

O.J. Simpson will return to court again for an alleged incident last December in which a man reportedly accused the onetime football star of reaching over his car and snatching off his glasses in a fit of road rage on their neighborhood of Kendall, Fla. Jury selection is set to begin on Tuesday, though it would take up to a month to seat a jury and less than two days to hear testimony.

In General

Actress Drew Barrymore has reunited with her estranged mother after almost a decade. In the November issue of Rosie magazine, Barrymore said she wanted to reunite with her mother after filming a childbirth scene of her upcoming movie Riding in Cars With Boys. The Penny Marshall-directed film, co-starring Brittany Murphy, James Woods and Lorraine Bracco, opens Oct. 19.

Advertising agencies across the nation are teaming up with the film community to pledge support to New York by rebuilding their ad campaigns around the city, Variety reports. A newly formed coalition, which includes the Assn. Of Independent Commercial Producers, the labor unions and the Screen Actors Guild, says advertisers are committed to studying every commercial job to determine whether there is chance to film it in New York, rather than Los Angeles, Canada or elsewhere.