NEWSMAKERS: Amy Grant Weds

God hates divorces, Christian star turned popster Amy Grant has said, but the Big Guy also loves second chances. And so the 39-year-old “Baby, Baby” chanteuse got her second chance Friday in Nashville, marrying country star Vince Gill, 42, less than a year after her shocker of a divorce from songwriter/talk-show-host Gary Chapman.

“They were just very relaxed and happy and pleased,” Gill’s publicist told The Associated Press.

Grant’s divorce from Chapman became final in June. Gill (“I Still Believe In You”) also endured a high-profile split from Sweethearts of the Rodeo singer Janis Gill in 1997.

FISTING EXPLAINED: Remember when diva Whitney Houston flipped off host Rosie O’Donnell at the Grammys? Remember how the next day the two women said the incident never happened? Well, they’re sticking to their stories. O’Donnell tells today’s New York Daily News that Houston shook a fist — not a finger — at the comic after an onstage crack about the singer’s reputed pot bust in Hawaii. “But the camera didn’t catch the top of her fist,” O’Donnell says. The TV talker also said Houston waggled her fist per her instructions. So there.

AT LEAST WE’LL ALWAYS HAVE EURODISNEY: Popster Michael Jackson will not arrive in Poland on Tuesday to chat about a Jacko-esque theme park for the kiddies of Warsaw. Government officials there say the meeting was nixed on account of snagged investor talks.

AT LEAST WE’LL ALWAYS HAVE B*WITCHED: The London press is breathless with reports that the Spice Girls might be over — this development, no doubt, coming as a shock to stateside music lovers who believed the Girls spice already were over. In any case, the one they call Sporty Spice started the brouhaha when she referred to the bubblegum group in the past tense at last week’s Brit Awards. Sporty quickly corrected herself and vowed that the Spices were indeed “very happy as a band.” Oh, bully.

HEDY STUFF: A Florida police officer who ran errands for onetime screen siren Hedy Lamarr is $83,000 richer after being bequeathed that amount in the late actress’ will. Lamarr died Jan. 19 at age 86. Just to prove that Lamarr didn’t play favorites with her cop friend, she left her stamp collection to her 11-year-old grandson.

AND NOW YOU KNOW: “Jennifer Lopez is my soulmate. When we’re together, I don’t see her as a singer or anything like that. Behind closed doors, she’s Jennifer and I’m Sean.” – Indicted rapper/rap mogul Puff Daddy, aka Sean, as quoted in Britain’s Sun tabloid.