NEWSMAKERS: ‘Blair Witch’ House Un-Cursed

The house from “The Blair Witch Project” is getting a new lease on life.

Originally scheduled for a meeting with a wrecking ball, Maryland’s Department of Natural Resources has decided to spare the 200-year-old Griggs House in western Baltimore County. A lawyer for Haxan Films, which produced “Blair Witch,” tells The Baltimore Sun that he thinks distributor Artisan Entertainment put up money with state officials to save the house.

The Griggs House, of course, was the dilapidated shack featured at the climax of the ’99 horror hit. At least we think it was. Hard to tell. That friggin’ camera was spinning too much.

FROM BRITAIN WITH LOVE: Sean Connery‘s got a new title — and this time it’s not Sexiest Man Alive.

No, that would be Sir Sean Connery to you. The original 007, along with Elizabeth Taylor and Julie Andrews, were among those knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in a New Year’s Eve ceremony in Britain.

Actually, Taylor and Andrews are now officially “dames,” not “knights.” (“Dames” are titles for girls, “knights” are for boys.)

Other than adding an extra syllable to each of their names, we’re not exactly sure what the fancy titles get Sir Sean, Dame Elizabeth and Dame Julie — well, besides free tea and crumpets.

Name recognition? Not necessary. Oscars? Been there, done that. (Connery won for “The Untouchables,” Andrews for “Mary Poppins,” and Taylor for “Butterfield 8” and “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?”)

Front-row tickets to the Rolling Stones? We’re checking.

RECUPERATING: A “very, very tired” George Harrison will be spending the early part of the millennium recuperating at the house where he was stabbed Thursday.

The former Beatle, 56, was discharged from the Harefield Hospital in London on Saturday along with wife Olivia, who was also injured in the attack. Doctors assured Harrison he would make a full recovery, according to Reuters.

Meanwhile, Harrison‘s reputed attacker — 33-year-old Michael Abram — has been charged with attempted murder and ordered to undergo psychiatric treatment.

A NOT-SO PUFFY SUIT: Sean “Puffy” Combs might want to start designing a courthouse wardrobe under his clothing label, Sean John.

The oft-in-trouble rap mogul is in trouble again — this time, thanks to a $100 million lawsuit filed by 27-year-old Julius Jones, one of three bystanders wounded by gunfire Dec. 27 at a Manhattan nightclub. The complaint was filed New Year’s Eve in New York.

Combs, who made headlines with girlfriend/actress Jennifer Lopez after the two reputedly fled the shooting scene, was arrested on a weapons charge after a gun was found in his car. The music star has denied any wrongdoing.

GOODBYE, YELLOW BRICK ROAD: Harry Monty, one of the surviving supporting players from “The Wizard of Oz,” died Dec. 28 at age 95, it has been reported.

The diminutive actor and stuntman, whose real name was Hymie Lichenstein, both helped and hounded Judy Garland in uncredited roles as a Munchkin and an evil winged monkey. He also had roles in “Planet of the Apes” and “Hello, Dolly!