NEWSMAKERS: Brad Pitt: Not the Daddy

Rocker Melissa Etheridge has finally revealed the identity of the man who fathered her two children — and it’s not Brad Pitt.

Etheridge has long talked about her crush on good friend Pitt, whom she once said was good-looking enough to make any woman switch teams. (Etheridge outed herself in 1992.) Anyway, the Pitt connection fueled rumors that the actor’s DNA was involved when Etheridge’s partner, Julie Cypher (ex-wife of Lou Diamond Phillips) became pregnant.

But alas, Pitt has not passed along his good-looking genes to Etheridge-Cypher. Surprisingly, Etheridge reveals to this month’s Rolling Stone that the biological father is sorta the anti-Brad Pitt — David Crosby, the balding, pudgy folkie best known for his hard-livin’ days with 1960s stalwarts Crosby, Stills & Nash.

“He’s musical, which means a lot to me,” Etheridge says of Crosby in Rolling Stone, “and I admire his work.”

Cypher became pregnant through artificial insemination and gave birth to daughter Bailey, now 3, and son Beckett, who’s 1. The entire, extended family appears on the cover of the new Rolling Stone, including Crosby, 58, and wife Jan, who recommended him for the paternity job.

“No kitchen implements were involved,” assures Cypher.

Well, that’s a relief.

EXODUS: Woody Allen leaving “Manhattan”?!?

The notorious New Yorker has decided to leave the Big Apple for London — at least for a year, according to reports. Manhattan is, of course, the city in which nearly all Allen‘s films are set — and not just the ones named after Manhattan (“Manhattan Murder Mystery“, “Manhattan“).

Allen, 65, wife Soon-Yi, 29, and their baby daughter, Bechet Dumaine, plan to move to Britain so Allen can direct one-act plays in the foggy city’s fashionable “boutique” theaters, according to Sunday’s London Times. Producers rejected a similar plan in New York because it was deemed too expensive.

OBLIGATORY DOUGLAS/ZETA-JONES ITEM OF THE DAY: Yes, the wedding is still on for Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones, — in fact, Britain’s Sun reports that the two will tie the knot in Majorca, a Spanish resort island.

Douglas owns a remote mountain villa there, and an unnamed source tells the tab, “They want to keep the wedding private. Michael‘s estate in Majorca is perfect because it is so isolated.”

But not too private: The Welsh actress reportedly was considering holding the wedding in a chapel near her hometown but nixed it because the venue was too small.

The Sun, by the way, says the Douglas/Zeta-Jones nuptials will go down Sept. 25, which also happens to be the couple’s shared birthday (he’ll be turning 56, she’ll be turning 31).

That would prove convenient; Douglas would only have to remember one date out of the year.

STUPID, BUT OK: Paul Newman suffered bruised ribs after crashing his racecar into a tire barrier at Daytona International Speedway on Thursday.

“I got overconfident on a fresh set of tires,” Newman, 74, said. “The tires weren’t warm enough, and I slipped.”

Newman, an avid and accomplished racecar driver, was examined on the scene by a doctor and further evaluated at Hallifax Medical Center.

“I’m angry at myself,” Newman said. “It was a stupid thing to do.”

But it’s not slowing him down: Newman still plans to run the Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona race next month.

GLOBAL PRESENCE: Steven Spielberg, who won a best director Golden Globe (and later the Oscar) for “Saving Private Ryan,” and Gwyneth Paltrow, who scored a Globe and an Oscar for “Shakespeare in Love,” have been tapped as presenters for the 57th Annual Golden Globes on Jan. 23 in Beverly Hills.

Also presenting awards are Catherine Deneuve, Winona Ryder and the (very) aforementioned Michael Douglas.

THE WRITE STUFF: Michael Caine, currently seen in “The Cider House Rules,” has decided to do a little John Irving of his own.

The Oscar-winning actor (“Hannah and Her Sisters“) has completed his debut novel — a thriller — but says he must go back for rewrites after realizing he killed off one of his characters, er, twice.

“I’ve got to the end in a mad dash. Now I’ve got to go back and do it properly,” Caine told reporters.