NEWSMAKERS: Britney’s Head Together

Another cranial dilemma for Britney Spears? Accoring to a report credited to Entertaindom, the 18-year-old popster, who split her head open during the shoot for her new video “Oops! I Did It Again,” did it again last week on vacation in Hawaii — splitting her head open, that is. The item said that Spears’ stitches gave way following a new cut.

One supposed eyewitness gave his clinical diagnosis to the Web site: “I talked to Britney for a while, and there was something clearly wrong with her head. Blood was pouring out of it.”

But today, Jive Records — Spears’ label — flat-out declared the report “not true” — as in the singer did not reinjure her head. The star’s “Oops” album is due out May 16.

Madonna SURPRISE, SURPRISE: For all of you born yesterday, we regret to inform you that the British tabloids are not considered the most reliable source of news and information. To whit, remember that thing the other day about Madonna being in “crisis talks” with director/boyfriend Guy Ritchie? “A total fabrication,” says the M One’s rep Liz Rosenberg.

VANQUISHED: Former Mr. Universe Steve Reeves, who played strongman Hercules in a string of Euro-produced films in the 1950s and 1960s, died Monday in a California hospital from complications of lymphoma, it was reported today. He was 74.