NEWSMAKERS: Cody’s No Monster!

Cody Gifford is not a monster. So says the spawn of Kathie Lee Gifford who today filed suit against a supermarket tab for an article that said the 10-year-old towheaded tyke was a real … incorrigible individual.

The court action was filed in Palm Beach County, Fla. The defendant is the Examiner.

The Gifford camp says the Examiner flat-out made up stuff for its Feb. 8 article, “Kathie Lee’s Turning Poor Cody into a Monster.” The story said Cody had been a pain during production on “Model Behavior,” the ABC TV movie that marked his acting debut. No comment yet from the Examiner.

Mariah Carey CAREY ON: Singer Mariah Carey, waylaid by oyster-induced food poisoning over the weekend, was discharged from a Boston hospital Wednesday night. She’d checked in Monday after becoming ill.

MOURNING AFTER: Sandra Bullock will be a no-show at tonight’s Hollywood premiere of her latest “28 Days.” The actress’ 63-year-old mother died Tuesday after a long illness.

BILLY JOBBED: Oscar winner Billy Bob Thornton, 44, and Laura Dern, 33, are kaput after three years of datinghood, their respective reps tell The ex-couple will be seen together in the upcoming Thornton-directed comedy “Daddy and Them.”

OSCAR CODA: One of the three still-missing Oscars has not turned up, and a Los Angeles lawyer does not have it. The legal eagle, representing one of two Roadway Express employees arrested in connection with the trophy heist, today revealed that he led reporters to believe he had one of the MIA statues to get publicity for his afternoon press conference in Los Angeles. It worked.