NEWSMAKERS: Gwyneth’s Fender Bender

More fun with celebrity driving. Oscar winner Gwyneth Paltrow was sued Monday by two people who claim they suffered “permanent and serious” back and neck injuries as well as “pain and suffering” when the actress rear-ended their car at a West Hollywood, Calif., intersection last year.

Midway Rent-a-Car, which provided the loaner Paltrow was driving, also was named in the suit.

UPDATE: Pierce Brosnan‘s 13-year-old son has a “very excellent prognosis for a full recovery” after being seriously injured in a weekend car crash, the actor said in a statement Monday. Sean Brosnan sustained a broken pelvis, ruptured bladder and possible fractured vertebrae in the accident. He could be released from the hospital within a week.

BOTTOMS UP: A poll of Industry players sponsored by a gin bottler says actors Heather Graham, Angelina Jolie and Ben Stiller are three of the 10 coolest people in Hollywood. The other cool people you’ve never heard of – that’s how cool they are.