NEWSMAKERS: Halle Berry Not Guilty?

In a Beverly Hills court today, Halle Berry pleaded not guilty to a misdemeanor charge of leaving the scene of an accident. Berry didn’t enter the plea in person — her lawyer did it. Another hearing was set for April 21.

Police had asked that felony charges be pursued against the star for the two-car Feb. 21 crash that left Berry with a gash on her head and the other driver with a broken wrist.

MORE GOOD NEWS FOR WHITNEY HOUSTON: The new People magazine says family and friends are concerned by the “erratic” behavior of Oscar night no-show Whitney Houston. The magazine says drugs are suspected by some — even if Houston‘s camp denies anything to do with the “D” word.

WHITNEY WATCH: The singer, by the way, is supposed to perform Monday in New York at Arista Records’ 25th anniversary party. Supposed to, being the key words here.

WHITNEY KARMA ATTACK? Composer Burt Bacharach, who reportedly fired Houston from her Oscars gig, suffered a fractured shoulder while admiring a chandelier in Indiana. Really.

HOW’S CARSON DALY’S LOVE LIFE? Just fine, thanks. The blandly handsome MTV veejay announced on today’s “The View” on ABC that he’s been dating actress Tara Reid (“American Pie”) for three whole weeks.

DON’T LAUGH — ONE DAY WE’LL ALL BE WORKING FOR 14-YEAR-OLDS: Richard Dreyfuss, who approximately 500 years ago won a Best Actor Oscar (for “The Goodbye Girl”), has bagged a cyber job, creating interactive stories for, a California-based Web site run by a 14-year-old girl.