NEWSMAKERS: Houston, We Still Have A Problem

Whitney Houston could still face drug possession charges for the marijuana that was allegedly found in her purse at a Hawaiian airport in January, USA Today reports.

Despite previous reports that Houston was off the hook, a Hawaii county prosecutor, Mel Fugino, says the case is ”still in the investigative stages.”

If convicted, the singer could face a $1,000 fine and 30 days in jail.

In other Houston news (or gossip, in this case), next week’s National Enquirer comes right out and declares Houston a cocaine addict, Liz Smith dishes in her Newsday daily column.

And in other Houston (good) news, the diva will release phase 1 of her greatest hits package Tuesday — a vinyl box set featuring mostly unreleased dance remixes of some of her biggest hits: ”I’m Your Baby Tonight (Dronez Club Mix),” ”I Will Always Love You (Hex Hector Remix),” ”Greatest Love of All (Junior Vasquez Remix)” and more. Shorter versions of these mixes, along with four new songs, will be included on the double CD ”Whitney: The Greatest Hits,” to be released May 16.

ATOMFILMS LUCAS EXCLUSIVE: In 1967, George Lucas was a USC film student with an Orwellian vision. Now Netizens can view his “disturbing-yet-groundbreaking” (or so says AtomFilms Web site) student film “Electronic Labyrinth” at

GRADUATED FROM ‘THE GRADUATE’: The London production of “The Graduate,” the one that includes the much-talked about nudity by Kathleen Turner, is heading to Broadway, but it will be without Turner, the New York Daily News reports. Turner is leaving “The Graduate” to star in a one-woman show about actress Tallulah Bankhead starting in October.

BABY LOVE: William H. Macy and his wife, Felicity Huffman, are expecting their first child, People magazine reports in its May 1 edition. The Oscar-nominated actor, whose films include “Magnolia” and “Fargo,” wed Huffman of ABC’s “Sports Night” in 1997.