NEWSMAKERS: Kate Moss Hospital Scare

Supermodel Kate Moss is “feeling fine” after being rushed to the hospital with what was described as a severe kidney infection. The ex-squeeze of Johnny Depp was admitted to London’s Princess Grace Hospital last Wednesday, complaining of stomach pains, Britain’s Daily Mail reported Sunday. The 26-year-old was subsequently discharged after being put on antibiotics.

Last year, Moss, about as famous for her weight (or lack thereof) as her reputed partying skills, fessed up to an alcohol (make that, champagne) problem. But she said a 1998 stay in a rehab clinic turned her sober.

WEDDING WATCH: For those of you with bets riding on when (and where) Michael Douglas will do the I-do deed Catherine Zeta-Jones, the ever-industrious Mail says it’s going to happen in late September in a Scottish castle name of Skibo. Douglas and Zeta-Jones share a Sept. 25 birthday — his just happens to be 25 years older than hers.

BAD BRAD: If you go to Springfield, Mo., and see a guy who kinda looks like Brad Pitt picking up women and hanging with bodyguards, Brad Pitt‘s mom wants you to know it’s not her boy. Mother Pitt says an impersonator was spotted hanging in her son’s hometown last week.

IT’LL HAPPEN ONE DAY TO YOU, TOO, BRITNEY SPEARS: Singer/elder stateswoman Mariah Carey turns 30 today.

OBITUARY: The screenwriter who penned the quintessential 1980s action flick “Top Gun” is dead. Jim Cash was 59. Cause of death was not immediately known, although he’d been hospitalized for about a month with an intestinal ailment. Cash most recently had been a professor at Michigan State University. He also had a credit on the upcoming “Flintstones” flick, “The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas.”