NEWSMAKERS: Leo Warns ‘Our Future at Risk’

Not enough work in Hollywood these days, apparently. How else to explain the celebrity triumvirate currently on the stump for causes ranging from global warming to nukes to circus elephants. Leonardo DiCaprio On the global-warming front is Leonardo DiCaprio. The “Titanic” star (and “Beach” washout) issued a statement today calling for governments to give up fossil fuels in order to save the world from, you know, getting too stuffy and stuff.

“There is a global emergency going on,” DiCaprio said in a statement issued by the U.S. environmental group EarthAction. “Earth is heating up, and everyone’s future is at risk.”

On the nuclear-weapons front is Michael Douglas. In a speech before British lawmakers in London on Monday, the “China Syndrome” star called on the United States and Russia to thin out their stockpile of bombs. Douglas said he was speaking as a “citizen of the planet.”

And on the circus-elephants front is Goldie Hawn. The fellow citizen of the planet has sent a letter to Maryland officials calling for the ban of pachyderms in big tops on account of the animals are denied “family relationships” and “emotional outlets.”

IT’S THE LITTLE THINGS THAT COUNT: Late Nirvana rocker Kurt Cobain has been named the rock ‘n’ roll King of Mayhem, per a list compiled by Britain’s Melody Maker magazine. The Widow Cobain (aka Courtney Love) could do no better than place No. 8 on the list. Cobain apparently got the edge due to the fact he shot himself to death in 1994.

OOPS: “Law & Order” TV star Jerry Orbach is suing eBay for posting his Social Security number. According to Orbach, the digits could be seen on two old contracts (circa 1958) put up for bid on the online auction house. The suit was filed Monday in New York.

OSCAR WATCH: Antonio Banderas and Ethan Hawke are the latest to be added to the presenters’ roll for Sunday’s Academy Awards.