NEWSMAKERS: Madonna’s Security Fears

London real-estate agents, beware: There’s a new seller – and buyer – in the market. Madonna (“Evita“), who bought a $6.55 million mansion there a few weeks ago, is putting it back on the market in the wake of ex-Beatle George Harrison‘s stabbing Dec. 30 at his London mansion. According to the London Times, the Material Girl’s security advisers told her that the four-story home she bought in the city’s trendy Chelsea district was “perfectly visible from the road” and thereby unsuitable for a celebrity. But Big Ben shouldn’t feel shafted; the singer/actress reportedly is back in London today searching for a new home with better security.

WOMEN ACCORDING TO WOOD: In the More Than We Needed to Know department, we find James Woods (“Any Given Sunday“), who likes talking about manhood – his manhood.

In an interview with Movieline, the 52-year-old Woods provides detail – whether you want to hear it or not – on his frisky Viagra tryout with a galpal. “We had sex for six hours, 37 minutes,” he blabs. “I’m surprised I didn’t die of a heart attack.” (Well, we’re glad you’re OK, James.)

Since he’s feelin’ so good, Woods also decided to enlighten us with his perspectives on other women in Hollywood:

· Sharon Stone: “She has a bigger [unspecified bleep] than I do.”

· Jennifer Lopez: “She always has to play the strong woman, like an FBI agent. If I want to [do a love scene] with an FBI agent, I’ll turn gay.”

· Gwyneth Paltrow: Would have put the moves on her, but “I acted with her mother [Blythe Danner] and I’d feel like I was robbing the cradle.”

· Ex-girlfriend Heather Graham: The twentysomething “It” star supposedly told Woods she didn’t want to marry or start a family until she was 40. “[I asked her,] ‘How do you know you’ll get the same attention from men when you’re that age?'”

· Susan Sarandon: “Susan Sarandon ruined the world when she had a kid when she was, like [bleeping] 96 years old. Now every actress wants to have a kid at 90.”

· Ex-girlfriend Sean Young, she of some notorious run-ins with Woods: “Most of the …whining and moaning chicks do, I don’t really pay much attention to.”

· Brooke Shields: “Would you rather go out to dinner with the person you love, or sit and listen to her [bleep] about what happened on the set of ‘Suddenly, Susan’?”

Just to show, he thinks about guys, too, Woods had this to say about “Any Given Sunday” director Oliver Stone: “[He] eats Viagra like candy corn.”

Again, more than we needed to know, James.

STALKED OUT: Today in Los Angeles, prosecutors declined to file stalking charges against a photographer arrested last weekend for allegedly trailing Barbra Streisand and hubby James Brolin.

According to authorities, Streisand and Brolin were cruising – actually, since it’s Los Angeles, the term should be inching — down Highway 101 on Saturday when they noticed someone following them in a van. Deciding it wasn’t the traffic that was keeping the van on their tail, the couple pulled their vehicle into a nearby sheriff’s station.

Later, as Streisand and Brolin drove on Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu, they noticed the same man – and the same van, reports said. Overall, the couple said they were trailed for more than 50 miles through five cities. The driver, photographer Wendell Wall, 28, was held for investigation of stalking on $1 million bail.

NO “GREEN CARD”: French-born actor Gérard Depardieu (“The Man in the Iron Mask”) has a bone to pick with Americans. (Gee, how unusual for the French.)

“Sometimes they get on my nerves, their way of controlling everything,” the actor today told a Warsaw press conference. “Cinema nowadays has become an industry ruled by money and of course the Americans.”

In protest of the big, ol’ bad United States, the actor has refused an offer of citizenship, something he pursued in the 1990 comedy “Green Card.”

“I prefer to remain a citizen of the world,” he said.

But strangely, Depardieu‘s protest hasn’t prevented him from cashing in on American cultural domination; Depardieu is set to appear in Disney’s “102 Dalmatians.”