NEWSMAKERS: O.J. Road Raging

O.J. Simpson is in road trouble again. And no, this time it doesn’t involve a white Bronco.

According to the Miami Herald, what it does involve is another motorist in Miami — one 55-year-old Jeffrey Pattinson — who said that Simpson allegedly grabbed his glasses and in doing so scratched him after a traffic dispute.

Pattinson told police that he “flick his lights” at a black Lincoln Navigator after it ran a stop sign late Monday night in the suburb of Kendall. The driver — who was identified as Simpson — pulled over, exited the vehicle and proceeded to have an argument with Pattinson.

Simpson allegedly reached inside Pattinson’s car and pulled the glasses off his face, causing a small scratch in doing so.

In his defense, Simpson had apparently called a local Miami television station this morning, saying that all he told Pattinson was, “You got your bright lights on me, sitting on my heels. I’ve got two kids in this car, guy. What are you doing?”

Simpson has not been charged with anything and is expected to be questioned later today by Miami-Dade police.

AUTOPSY RESULTS: The Los Angeles Times published today a copy of the autopsy report of slain actor Anthony Dwain Lee. The coroner’s findings show that Lee was shot three times in the back and once in the back of the head, which appear to contradict police accounts of the incident that said Lee had pointed a fake gun at police officer Tarriel Hopper, causing him to fire in fear for his life.

The report also showed that Lee had cocaine and alcohol in his system at the time of his death. The shooting of Lee, an actor, took place at a Halloween party in Los Angeles in late October. The attorney for the deceased man’s family is expected to file a wrongful-death lawsuit related to the matter.

OXYGEN FINDS LIFE: Daily Variety reports that women’s cable network and net corporation Oxygen Media has received a commitment of $100 million from software giant Paul Allen’s Vulcan Ventures. With the $100 mil, Vulcan has joined other investors including America Online and Oprah Winfrey to enable the cable network to continue to develop its programming.