NEWSMAKERS: Pam, Tommy Take Bite Out of Lawsuit

No dog days in court ahead for Tommy Lee andPamela Anderson. The reputedly off-again couple have agreed to settle a lawsuit brought against them by their ex-masseuse over a Rottweiler bite. The civil trial was scheduled to begin today.

But late Tuesday, the lawyer for the massage specialist said a deal had been massaged. Terms will be determined via binding arbitration.

In the suit filed in 1998, one Doreen Cott said she was bitten by the couple’s “vicious” Rottweiler on July 3, 1997, as she visited the celebrity home to give Pamela a massage. She was seeking unspecified damages.

FIFTEEN-MINUTE CLOCK RUNNING OUT: So, the very, very latest on Darva Conger and Rick Rockwell, aka the “Who Wants to Marry a Multimillionaire” couple, is that a judge in Las Vegas today granted the bride an annulment. It’s over. Can we get on with our lives now?

OH, THOSE SWEDES: Fun-lovin’ filmmaker Ingmar Bergman (“The Seventh Seal”) said in a rare TV interview today that committing suicide is more agreeable than becoming a vegetable. Cracked the 81-year-old Bergman: “A soul slowly dying out, trapped in a body in which the insides gradually sabotage me, that I think would be terrifying.”

GOING TO THE “BIG OL'” CHAPEL: TLC hip-hopster Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins will wed rapper Mack 10 on Aug. 19, her rep tells USA Today. Additionally, the New York Post says Watkins’ bandmate, Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes has been spying diamond rings in London with her boyfriend, model Sean “No Nickname” Newman.

MELTS IN YOUR HEAD, NOT IN YOUR HAND: Bob Marley scion Ziggy Marley has signed on to become the official spokesman for Hemp Bar, a Power Bar-esque nutrition snack made with honey, ginger, sea salt and, yeah, hemp seed.