NEWSMAKERS: Pierce Brosnan Family Crisis!

The 13-year-old son of Pierce Brosnan remained hospitalized in serious but stable condition today after rupturing a bladder, among other injuries, in a suspected drunken-driving crash over the weekend in Malibu, Calif. Sean Brosnan, the 007 actor’s youngest child by his late wife Cassandra Harris, was a passenger in a 1982 Chevy Blazer when the sport utility vehicle plunged nearly 200 feet down a mountainside at about 3:45 a.m. PDT on Saturday, authorities said.

The driver of the Blazer — James Hall, a 19-year-old cousin of the younger Brosnan — was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, the California Highway Patrol said. Hall also was injured, as were his five passengers.

In addition to a ruptured bladder, Brosnan sustained a broken pelvis and possible fractured vertebrae. His filmland father was at his Malibu home at the time of the crash and accompanied the boy to a nearby hospital via a helicopter.

The boy’s mother — and Brosnan’s first wife — died in 1991 of cancer. Pierce Brosnan is set to remarry this summer to Keely Shaye-Smith, the mother of his newborn child.

JET DELIVERY: Action star Jet Li (“Romeo Must Die“) is a dad again — wife Nina gave birth to daughter Jane on Wednesday, the actor’s publicist announced today. Mother and child are said to be doing “excellent.”

COME ON, “CATS,” IN THE CUP: In New York, a state senator is proposing that pro wrestlers be drug tested before they’re allowed to go Medieval on other fellas’ behinds in Empire State arenas. The better to show Johnny that his favorite vein-popping, wild-eyed circus performer is as clean as a whistle. The World Wrestling Federation calls the proposal “unconstitutional.” Says mouthpiece Vince McMahon: ”We are performers, we are showmen, he’d be drug testing everyone on Broadway.”

COURT OF DREAMS: Rap mogul Master P (“Da Last Don”), who has twice hooked up with NBA teams and twice been cut in his pursuit of hoop dreams, kept hope alive Saturday in New Jersey, debuting as a member of the United States Basketball League’s Atlantic City Seagulls.

FUN WITH BAGGAGE CLAIM: If you were in London’s Heathrow Airport on Sunday and happened to pick up what you thought were three spare Louis Vuitton designer suitcases (worth approximately $3,161), please return them to the Spice Girl known as Posh. She — and the airport — think you stole them.

ALOHA MEANS GOODBYE.: The man who executive produced TV’s “Hawaii Five-O” (1968-80) succumbed to kidney failure April 11 in a nursing home near his Carmel, Calif., it has been learned. Douglas Edward Green was 78.