NEWSMAKERS: ‘Psycho’ Is No ‘Square’

Just to make it plain: Huey Lewis thinks it’s hip to be a square — not a chainsaw-wielding, knife-throwing, raving lunatic. The 1980s pop relic, he of the band Huey Lewis and the News, was upset that producers of “American Psycho” failed to see the distinction. And so Lewis, reportedly upset by the violence depicted in the Christian Bale-toplined movie, demanded that the powers-that-be behind the blood-soaked R-rated movie remove his ditty “Hip to Be Square” from the soundtrack of said blood-soaked R-rated movie.

And it looks like Huey Lewis won. According to the music-news site, Koch Records issued a recall of the soundtrack last week, in order to issue a new “Hip to Be Square”-less version. It’s not believed any of the Lewis-offending versions made it to sales racks.

For those who still really want to hear blithe, soulless pop set against the backdrop of cartoonish violence in the name of satire, check out “American Psycho,” opening Friday. The song’s still in the movie.

ALL WET? ABC Sports swim analyst Donna deVarona (sister to “Growing Pains” mom Joanna Kerns) filed a $50 million lawsuit against her network bosses Monday, alleging her mike time went down, in part, because her age increased.

SPACE ALIENS, PLEASE MARK YOUR PROGRAMS: Veteran radio talker Mike Siegel has been tapped to replace UFO-wary Art Bell in the latter’s syndicated time slot. Bell previously announced he was retiring later this month.

IT’S ALL ABOUT LOVE: Coming to a mouth near you next month: Lucy’s Chocolate Factory Candy — sweets inspired by the rerun-to-death Lucille-Ball-in-the-chocolate-factory episode of “I Love Lucy.” Says Ball daughter Lucie Arnaz: ”To put Lucy together with chocolates and create a lasting tribute to my parents and ‘I Love Lucy,’ their legendary television show, has been a dream of mine for over a decade.”