NEWSMAKERS: Rosie’s Not So Rosy

What is it they say about a Rosie by any other name?

Probably that it’d be a much easier life. At least that’s what a Portland, Ore., radio station will tell you after it was sued by handlers for talk-show host Rosie O’Donnell.

The station KRSK-FM is being ordered to stop referring to itself as “Rosie 105” by Warner Bros. and Telepictures, who produce and distribute “The Rosie O’Donnell Show.” They say KRSK is using the comedienne’s trademarked name without her permission.

The radio station, meanwhile, offers their defense: “Rosie” is named for Portland, known as the Rose City. We’re assured they will not be giving away Ring Dings and koosh balls.

OY VEY?: It wouldn’t be a new week without a new Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas item, now would it?

After you’ve taken the weekend to recover from the baby news, here’s a new humdinger: She is considering converting to Judaism, according to a British newspaper.

That’s because Douglas‘ family is Jewish, and the 30-year-old actress is rumored to be “fascinated” by the religion, even speaking to a rabbi about converting, according to the Mail. An unnamed source close to Zeta-Jones told the paper that “Michael and his family are very proud of their Jewish heritage. In Judaism, the mother pays a pivotal role in raising the children to honor their faith.”

The couple, who will marry this year and are expecting their first child, have agreed to raise the baby as a Jew. News of the pregnancy broke Friday; Douglas, 55, spoke up about it to TV Guide Online. “Both of us are very happy,” he said. “We would have preferred to have had the opportunity to make the announcement ourselves when we wanted to, rather than [the tabloids] simply picking us apart when they want to.”

ONE SMART COOKIE: Elisabeth Shue‘s now after the one thing that escapes her: a college degree.

So she’s returning to her almost alma mater — Harvard, thank you very much — to complete the one semester she needs to finish her degree in government. She attended the school in the 1980s after transferring from the all-girl Wellesley College, leaving around the time she got her first big role, in 1987’s “Adventures in Babysitting.”

But when she’ll run with the Crimson again is still up in the air. “The timing depends on one more movie role she wants to do,” her representative, Steven Huvane, told the New York Daily News.

ALL ABOUT ALMODîVAR: Pedro Almod-var, who takes the Roberto Benigni award for Most Unintelligible But Exciting speech at the Golden Globes, took best director and best film honors at the Spanish Goya Awards on Sunday.

The Goyas, named for the 18th century Spanish painter, are Spain’s equivalent of the Oscars, and Almod-var, despite his many critical hits, had always failed to nab the prize. But this year, his film “All About My Mother” swept seven awards and is the Oscar favorite for Best Foreign Film.

The 48-year-old director dedicated the award to his mother, who died just after the film was released.

“I read in the newspaper that (collecting other film awards) I’ve never mentioned my mother. I did it deliberately — I was waiting for this occasion,” he said.

STRAIGHT FROM STONE: That Sharon Stone can always be counted on for notable quotables. The 41-year-old actress, who co-stars with Ellen DeGeneres as a lesbian couple in a segment of HBO’s “If These Walls Could Talk 2,” declares to TV Guide, “I’m exactly like a gay woman except I don’t have sex with women.”

She goes on to say, “I have people who are prejudiced against me for all kinds of stupid things. Because I’m tall or because I’m an actress, whatever. You never walk into any environment that people don’t decide as you walk through the door what they like and don’t like about you. That’s about life.”

As for DeGeneres, she quips, “I learned that I’m exactly like a straight woman but I don’t have sex with a man.” Thank you both for sharing.

QUICK TAKES: Armyan Bernstein has been named ShoWest’s Producer of the Year for his work on “The Hurricane,” which he also co-wrote. The honor, given by the National Association of Theater Owners, will be awarded at ShoWest’s convention March 9 in Las Vegas …

Atom Egoyan‘s “Felicia’s Journey” won four Genies, Canada’s equivalent to the Oscar, on Sunday. The film took honors for screenplay adaptation, actor (Bob Hoskins), cinematography and original score. Best motion picture went to “Sunshine,” a Canadian-German-Austrian-Hungarian film starring Ralph Fiennes, which also won for overall sound and sound editing.