NEWSMAKERS: ‘Suddenly Susan’ Thesp Engaged!

Suddenly Calvin Klein model; suddenly TV star; suddenly engaged, again. Brooke Shields of erstwhile “Suddenly Susan” fame became engaged to boyfriend Chris Henchy over the weekend while vacationing in Mexico, the actress’s publicist has confirmed.

No details of the romantic coup were otherwise available, save from the facts that Henchy proposed on a Saturday night.

Henchy, 37, was a producer on the short-lived NBC series “Battery Park.” Shields, 35, whose impressive resume includes being the national jail-bait in those Calvin Klein ads and “The Blue Lagoon” as a teenager and the star of NBC’s “Suddenly Susan” as a grown-up, was once married to tennis bad boy Andre Agassi. That marriage ended in April 1999.

Henchy and Shields have been seeing each other since the fall.

THE VIP TREATMENT: A group of New Jersey teenagers apparently came to Pamela Anderson’s rescue after the ex-“Bay Watch” actress left her debit card at an ATM machine in a Malibu, Calif. mall Sunday morning, without so much as closing out the transaction.

Shocked to discover who the card belonged to, the good Samaritans swiftly returned the plastic to its rightful owner and was rewarded handsomely – in this case, a photo op with the “VIP” bombshell herself.

Rosie O’Donnell BYE, BYE ROSIE?: The New York Daily News reports today that CBS is allegedly looking for a new host to replace Rosie O’Donnell on the Tony Awards show. According to the tab, the network is reportedly peeved over O’Donnell’s biased preference in using her friends — such as musical director John McDaniel, Susan Lucci and Kathie Lee Gifford — for the show

Our inquiries to the network were not returned. O’Donnell served as Tony Awards’ emcee for three years, in 1997, 1998 and 2000.

WHEN ROMAN FALLS: Exiled auteur Roman Polanski is being sued by Artisan Entertainment for making run with more than $1 million plus from his last film, “The Ninth Gate.”

The complaint, filed July 11 in a Los Angeles District Court, claims that Polanski and his production company have kept the French value-added tax refunds instead of turning the dough over to Artisan.