NEWSMAKERS: Tim Burton Wants His Art Back!

Sleepy Hollow” director Tim Burton is suing a man whom he claims stole some of his artwork back in 1991, the Associated Press reports.

According to the lawsuit filed by Burton, the accused – one David Bontempo – had allegedly lifted the titular box, which contained sketches, drawings and paintings, from the apartment that Burton once owned.

Bontempo allegedly refused to return the art and “stated that he had made certain arrangements to auction the stolen artwork in his possession at Christie’s in New York,” court documents obtained by AP stated.

Burton has just finishing shooting the remake of “Planet of the Apes.”

HONORS: President Clinton and Michael Jackson were among the folks honored Thursday for their work to fight cancer at a high-wattage dinner held in New York.

Hosted by talk-show guy Larry King, the elbow-rubbing bash aimed to raise $4 million for the cause and featured appearances by such actors as Jane Seymour, Gabriel Byrne and Joan Collins.